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Cuddeback Performance

Cuddeback. World’s oldest trail camera brand. Many trail camera brands have come and gone. Only Cuddeback has endured for over 25 years.

Cuddeback has a very simple goal - build the best trail camera possible at each price point. For us, best means trigger speed that is fast enough to capture running deer and image quality that is worth framing. Founded in 1989, Cuddeback has seen numerous trail cameras come and go. We have passed the test of time by maintaining high performance at an affordable price. Never the lowest price, because high performance can't be had at the lowest price. How much is it worth to get a better product? Our $100 camera will satisfy most users. At $150 you will be hard pressed to find a better camera anywhere at any price. Above $150 we add more features and power. So while some trail camera brands race to see who can offer the lowest priced camera, we will continue to pursue building the best trail cameras. Learn More


Select cameras by price and performance

Three different camera families to choose from with varying features and price points.

“I just want pictures of deer.” You asked, we listened.
Not everyone needs a high-end, full-featured camera. The Cuddeback White series cameras are the highest performance cameras at this price. 1/2 second trigger speed means fewer blanks. Low cost means you can have more of them. 8MP images means you get good images.

Great performance. Great pictures.
If you want even better pictures and higher performance, Cuddeback Silver Series is the camera for you. 20MP images and longer range IR than the White cameras. With industry-leading 1/4 second trigger speed, very few critters get past a Cuddeback Silver. Plus, advanced features to provide more flexibility.

If you want the best, Cuddeback Blue is for you.
OK, we went a little overboard here. 20MP and 1/4 second trigger speed are just the start. With higher performance and more features, these cameras are designed for those who want the best. You will not find a more technologically advanced, higher performance camera at any price.

Custom designed to our retail partners' specifications.
We specially build cameras for select retailers to their specifications. These cameras are unique in that they offer variations not found in our White, Silver, and Blue Series models.


Select cameras by illumination type

One decision you'll have to make when choosing a trail camera is which flash system to use. There are three options - Strobe, IR (infrared) or Black Flash®. Which should I pick?

Monthly Photo Contest


Color images day and night with no nighttime motion blur.

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Monthly Photo Contest


IR provides color by day and black and white at night. Very long illumination range and minimal motion blur.

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Monthly Photo Contest

Black Flash®

Black Flash® is color by day and no-glow IR b/w at night. Less illumination performance than IR but features completely invisible LEDs.

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Cuddeback Surveillance – hidden in plain sight

Cuddeback cameras also work as surveillance cameras. They are compact, reliable, take excellent images, and blend into their surroundings. Use them to watch over a cabin, to see who might be accessing your property, or for virtually any other surveillance need. Learn More

Cuddeback Surveillance

Cuddeback Silver and Blue Series cameras have a special surveillance mode that optimizes the camera for surveillance applications. With Cuddeback’s innovative concealment methods, you can hide your Cuddeback in plain sight and be assured your Cuddeback sees the intruder, but the intruder does not see your Cuddeback. Because the best means of concealment is to place a camera where no one suspects to find it.


Hide a compatible Cuddeback camera inside a decorative birdhouse that can be post mounted or hung from a branch or shepherd's hook.

Electrical Box

Perhaps the most ignored yet common structure around any house or building is the electrical box. That's why we offer a pseudo electrical box that hides a compatible Cuddeback camera.


Cuddeback Professional – purpose-built for biologists and researchers

Cuddeback’s Professional series cameras are specially designed and manufactured for professional users, offering features required by biologists, outfitters, and those who use cameras year-round in the most hostile environments. Learn More

Monthly Photo Contest

Cuddeback Professional Color

Color images day and night with no nighttime motion blur.

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Monthly Photo Contest

Cuddeback Professional NoFlash®

IR provides color by day and black and white at night. Very long illumination range and minimal motion blur.

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Cuddeback accessories maximize deployment and image management

Cuddeback accessories and tools help you sharpen your experience and get the most from your Cuddeback camera. Explore all types of valuable add-ons, from versatile mounts and heavy-duty metal enclosures to battery boosters, image management software and more! You trust Cuddeback to build you the best camera - now trust Cuddeback to help you use it best.


CuddeSafe® is a heavy-duty metal enclosure made specifically to protect your Cuddeback scouting camera from bears, thieves and vandals.

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Genius Mount

Makes it easy to mount and aim any trail camera.

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CuddePower® Battery Booster allows cameras to operate on six D batteries. Increase your power, improve your images and extend your battery life.

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Trophy Room®

View and organize your Cuddeback images with Trophy Room® Image Management Software.

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The world's fastest trigger speed*

Cuddeback's legendary 1/4 second trigger speed is 2.5 to 4 times faster than most other cameras. Trigger speed, along with detection accuracy, can mean the difference between getting a deer and getting blanked.

Learn More About the Cuddeback Difference

Butts, blanks or Cuddeback - why trigger speed is important

* Cuddeback's trigger speed is faster than all comparably priced cameras at the time of this posting.


Cuddeback gives away a camera every week

Send us your best Cuddeback images and you may win a new camera. We choose a new winner every week, so your chances of winning increase the more you enter. Images are not limited to deer - we select any subject your Cuddeback captures, from humming birds to hippopotamuses, from ghosts to yetis. We don’t care, we just want to see your images and see you win a free Cuddeback.

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