"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

Jerry Perrin

Topeka, KS

Found several rubs in this area last winter. Set a camera this fall and have been getting some great pictures. This is not the biggest buck but, the nicest picture composition.

Doug Tobin

Kansas City, MO

Sweet November....Bucks doing what bucks do in November!

Gerald Russell

Mount Vernon, OR

We have a few apple trees on our farm. Every year bears come down out of the mountains to eat up all of the apples that fall to the ground. Sometimes they climb the trees to get at the apples. This bear was taking the lazy approach and laying on the ground waiting for the apples to fall.

Laura Main

Frederic, WI

My husband had this trail camera out for his first ever bear tag. You can see towards the bottom of the picture the bear bait pit to lure in the bear. However, much to our surprise this is the image it picked up that day. Yes, he did get his bear, not at this pit, but his first bear ever dressed out at 356lbs. I showed this picture to a friend of mine in IL who also uses your cameras. He told me to enter this photo even though we were interested in the bear pics. I would like to surprise my husband by first submitting this photo, and second by winning!!! Thanks for an awesome camera! Laura Main

Chris Hardwick

Sunbury, OH

I’ve had pictures and videos of this buck a lot this year but this is the first day time photo I have of him and I must say it’s a good one!

Doug Wonders

Motley , MN

Here is a real survivor. Nobody has seen this deer. The 1’st photo is from last year. The other 2 photos are on a scrape from this fall. Wonder what happened to his leg. I doubt he was born this way . I assume it’s either from hunting season or possibly lost his leg when he was a fawn due to farming practices.

Eric Henderson

Runnells , IA

My good friend I hunted with passed up this buck on the morning of November 10 he is in the tree stand to the top left

Janice Kibbe

Hampden, MA

Peek-a-boo! It is always exciting when the does bring out their fawns each year. Watching them mature and moving away from their moms because they are curious about something is entertaining. Our Cuddeback caught this curious little one. Look at those gorgeous eyes! What big ears you have!

Daniel Dale

Houston, TX

This Nilgai cow surprised me and appeared on our property mid-day. The Nilgai I have seen are pretty elusive and unique animals - they show up on the edge of brush and look around for a couple seconds then disappear. I have gotten a few other pictures of Nilgai but they are blurry because they move around so fast and are usually out at twilight or night. They rarely ever come into our field let alone midday. This was a really big surprise to get this beautiful cow on a picture during daylight hours in the wide open field. It was also a gift to get her to pose broadside for me. This Cuddeback has been a great camera - very clear picture!!

Dean Colegrove

Mequon , WI

This bucks name is double trouble I have hunted him for two years this picture is ten seconds before I killed him