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Photo by: Crystal Ulaki, Sandyville , WV

Ninja deer on the move.

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Photo by: Matt Gerhold, Kirksville, MO

I continue to be extremely satisfied with the quality of photos that the most basic model produces. This camera was out for 30 days. It sat through 2 major storms. It only had about 10 pictures total, all of animals. 3 were of this guy. I do not put my cameras on trails as I think the big deer tend to cross them, not follow them.

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Photo by: Chris Nordmann, Avon, MN

We moved into our new home in the woods in January and have spotted whitetail deer near our home occasionally. We are always excited to see them. Last Saturday, I saw a gigantic buck roughly 40 yards from my house in the trees. My sons were excited to catch a glimpse, but didn't get a look at his massive rack. I purchased a Cuddeback cellular camera to hope for an image of this majestic animal. In less than a day I was able to share images of multiple bucks at a time, including this beast. Looking at the photos every morning and night has become part of our daily routine. What a great, wholesome family experience.

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Photo by: Mike Sclafani, Mount Vision, NY

I've been chasing this deer for 2 years now, and had multiple encounters the previous year. I have pictures where I'm literally walking by a location 30 min before this buck has shown up. The good news is he survived the 2020 NY rifle season, received a picture the day after it was over, so I knew he'd most likely be around. I'm getting multiple pictures during the day in a 25 acre piece of property so we will see what 2021 bow season brings!

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Photo by:
Doug Montgomery
Mansfield, OH

This is a farm I was hunting and the bucks were in their Bachelor groups enjoying the beans and Trophy Rock. I was chasing the one on the left but never caught up to him.

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