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Photo by: Tyler Poland, Mattoon, IL

Big Illinois 12 pt showed up to a scrape early one morning and the cudde provided some awesome photographs.

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Photo by: Thomas Graber, New haven, IN

Really love our cuddeback cameras. Got 10 cameras out an got this guy on some scrapes an rubs!

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Photo by: Nicolaus Hall, Whitesville, KY

Just a beautiful picture.

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Photo by: Logan Dahlke, Mauston, WI

Middle of the rut, this buck chased a doe out of a standing corn field and it appears as if this buck caught more corn than doe that day!

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Photo by:
Clayton Carroll
Bullard, TX

A buck we were all too familiar with last year as a 160" has blown into a giant this season so hopefully we can close the deal! You just can't beat the color pictures from these cameras!

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