"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

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Rick Swenson

Underwood, MN

Pretty neat to see all the animals that stop and the carcass. Coyotes, Eagles, Hawks, Crows, Fishers, Bucks and even some curious turkeys.

Joseph Sommers

Marquette, MI

Just wondering when you are bringing more food?

Troy Adzima

Edinboro, PA

Deer season just ended and we never saw a legal buck here to chase. Soon as season is over these 2 show up. Have to love smart deer and looking forward to the chase next year!

Justin Kritz

East Dubuque, IL

This picture was taken on our lease in northern illinois which is also an active cattle farm. We noticed a fairly large tree getting rubbed up in late September out in the open in the cattle pasture below our food plot so we decide to put a cuddeback camera on a stake near it. We then realized it was a hub for the herd to walk buy and communicate with each other and ended up with a large scrape under it. The deer and cattle became really curious of the irs red glow and kept knocking it off its post. So for the time being (until or new genius post arrives) we hung it six foot high in the rub tree thinking it would be safe from cattle at this location. Then to our suprise this curious deer climbed up on its two hind legs to take a look. It made for a cool picture!

Brett Bateman

howe, IN

I was on this bucks tail all bow season but unfortunately was unable to connect. The neighbor killed him chasing a doe during the rifle season he grossed 175" B&C

Nick Smith

Gallipolis , OH

This guy showed up on a trail that I just moved a camera to , I noticed this side trail had a lot of sign on it so I moved the camera 20 yards from it's previous location & was pleasantly surprised to find him using that trail , my stepfather had passed away n Florida & I had just returned & checked my cuddebacks the following day

David Woody

Jane Lew, WV

I watched this deer chasing does for almost an hour But never came with in bow range. Then he turned and headed towards me I thought here’s my chance. He stopped at 25yds from me Our cuddeback took this just as the arrow hit I was thrilled when I checked the card. This was in Upshur county in West Virginia

ralph mays


I bought my cuddelink system in 2017 shortly after setting it up I started getting pics of a pretty decent non typical white tail. To my disappointment he did not show up last year and assumed he had been killed. This year he showed back and had grown into a monster buck. He was always nocturnal so never would of known he was around without the cameras. No one that i've talked to had ever laid eyes on this buck. Thankfully I was able to harvest his very impressive free range Oklahoma non typical

Doug Wonders

Motley , MN

It’s nice to see that these 2 bucks survived the hunting seasons. Now they’ve got another challenge ahead of them. They will have to survive winter. There is over a foot of snow out there already plus we had rain a few days ago so the snow is hard & crusty. It’s going to make it hard to find acorns.

Kevin Broadway

Genoa, IL

I was after this guy all year, but wasnt successful. I had plans to frame these two pics of him if I got him. I guess I'll have to wait till next year. Hopefull he shows up again this coming year.....