"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

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David Simoncic

Charlotte, NC

Just thought this was a neat action shot of a bounding deer taken with a Cuddy black light camera. Great camera response time for a night time photo.

Keith Yarber


Made a set overlooking a carcass in hopes of getting an eagle. Imagine my surprise when this showed up.

Gary Kraszewski

green bay, WI


michael beaver

Wakefield, VA

I put cam on same scrape every year on oct 1 to nov 10 or so and this guy showed up .The time and year are not correct but date is. It is my old capture camera and wont change time or year but still takes great pics.2018!

Harold Emerick

Camp Hill, PA

Confused deer

john feole

shelbyville, KY

Thanksgiving treat. I was out of the deer stand for the holidays. After i returned, I retrieved this photo from my camera. A hawk has just captured his lunch- note the 'meal' in it's left talon. Great shot. A credit to the Cuddeback camera system.

Stephen Robinson

Danbury, NH

This Bobcat was seen on our CuddeLink cameras but this was found by obtaining the memory card in a snowed in camera (our first Cuddeback!) and shows a visit on Christmas morning right in our back yard! The area can be seen from our windows but is not normally accessible as access is normally deep snow!

Mark Smith

Adams, NY

Bark at the moon

Mark Smith

Adams, NY

Chasing doe but cant load video

Blake Hightower

Kilgore, TX

We dubbed this deer "Elvis". We watched him for 2-3 days. He was taken in November, 2018. Aged 7.5 years