"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

Bill Coates

Addsion, NY

made a water hole last year and the wild life enjoyed it one pic is me in the stand during bow season

Brandon Abel

Gulfport, MS

Does fighting

randy chandler

Albertville, AL

Hutting in Skyline Alabama trying to bag the big one using the camera to help decide which way the are travelling and there size sometime I think its more fun checking to see what's on the camera than actually hunting lol The first pic is with old cudde back the date and time is not correct recently traded it in for the new 1347

Steve Osborn

osseo, WI

The deer taking a break from digging in the corn field.

scot makai

Rochester, NY

These cameras are great. Here we see a doe being "hunted" by an young buck taken about six minutes apart.

Good Shepherd

Aiken, SC

Check out this wicked monster buck that appeared this year on Halloween eve. I've been hunting him for three years now. This is the biggest buck that I've had the privilege to hunt. I hunt on public property in Georgia, and bucks like this face intense hunting pressure which pushes them to be nocturnal. Last year he had double drop tines and two freakish kickers coming out the back. I captured only one daylight photo of him after a controlled burn got him up and moving. We nicknamed him "Double-Dee" or "DD" for the unique rack. I use a small mesh network of three CuddeLink Dual Cell (K-5789) and CuddeLink Long Range IR (J-1415) cameras linked together to cast a wide net and learn his pattern. Cuddeback has helped me pursue this public land monster, because there are no other cameras on the market that offer this unique mesh network technology. I wasn't able to have an opportunity at him this year, but can't wait to see what he will turn into next year. I'm hoping to broaden the mesh network with another Cuddeback cam to find his bedding area and increase my chances at a successful harvest. I'm trying to convince my wife to allow me to get a full mount of this buck of a lifetime if I'm able to finally connect with him. But she just shakes her head and looks at me with curiosity and suspicion. I haven't figured out yet if it's because she can't fathom the idea of having a full whitetail buck mount around the house or the fact that it's a nice rack that my buddy and I nicknamed "DD." Either way, if it actually happens, I'll owe it all to Cuddeback for helping me get it done!

Jeff Cooper

Mindemoya, ON

Eagle in flight

Jonathan Mckinnon

Big Spring, TX

Too Bad Mule Deer does not have a season in my County!!

Ron White

Lancaster , NH

Pileated woodpecker

Steve Powell

Mckinney, TX

This is one of many feeders we keep going all year round. This doe obviously did not like the other doe stealing her corn.