"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

Nathan Buel

Hyde Park , NY

Just put my camera on a trail to see what uses it.

Dustin Gibson

West liberty, KY

I started mowing for the lady that owns this property over the summer. It’s a log cabin stuck back in the woods. I asked if she cared if I put up a camera this past week. Well low and behold this is the buck that I got on camera. The date on the photo is wrong. It should read September 19th, 2019. If you count all the stickers and everything this buck has 15 score-able points that I can see in the pictures.

David Fisher

Cumming, IA

I have been using the Cuddelink network with great patterning results, watching these young deer growing up. Pretty sure this one knows I’ve been watching as it’s mocking me by sticking out its tongue in true childlike fashion.

Jan Smith

Catawissa , PA

This camera is near our home and gives us a view of a lot of wildlife in our backyard. We have seen a few different mamas and babies, yearlings and newborn alike.

Tyler Primrose


First time cuddeback and cuddelink user. Purchased a K and J camera to start with and within weeks we had 2 more on the property, both G models. Interestingly enough, we received this photo the very next morning for our first photo dump. This picture was taken 40 minutes after my wife and I setup our J camera.

Cale Severson

Ettrick, WI

Wisconsin's bow season opened this year on September 14th and on the opening morning, I harvested this doe in front of the camera. In the ground beneath the doe, straight under the tail, you can see my arrow in the ground. Just behind the front shoulder of the deer, you can see the arrow hole with blood coming out. The camera got the big kick of the deer after the shot.

Glenn Newby

New Richmond, WI

Doe jumping from cattle pasture to a bedding area. Two miles West of New Richmond,WI.

Ryan Deich

Lone Jack , MO

I think they’re on to the cameras!?!

Greg Wade

Killeen, TX

Caught this pic of Coyote while checking for feral hogs, had to take a double take

Scott Korth

Duncannon, PA

This black bear is trying to reach an automatic corn feeder to stuff himself which has happened more than once. I made it much higher now but he keeps trying. He doesn't realize we just went under CWD feeding restrictions and the feeder is empty. He's about 6 feet tall compared to the images of myself standing there.