"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

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Doug Wonders

Motley , MN

This a a cool photo that I was fortunate to get. I always enjoy to see what waterfowl photos my Cuddeback will get. I really like all of the contrasting colors on this photo.

Doug Wonders

Motley , MN

I had a trail camera for 20 years & this is the 1’st year that I’ve ever gotten a Great Horned Owl. I guess the wait was worth it. I feel fortunate to have gotten these images.

Glen Thielke


These 5 toms have been together all spring.

Patrick Dipple

Muscatine, IA

Purchased a new property last November. Had to explained to the wife the benefits and security of having cellular cameras on our new property. With much reluctance, the wife agreed to let me install a Cuddelink system on the new farm. Since installing 5 cameras, it is vary apparent that we have a bobcat living on the property. Which in eastern Iowa, is rare. We have also found many turkey, deer, and trespassers. This photo is the first photo I have seen of a bobcat with any type of prey in its mouth. The bobcat appears to have a squirrel.

Steve Osborn

osseo, WI

Put this camera on the trail along the creek to see what is using the trail by the farm. First pheasant I ever got a picture of on the farm.

Darren King

Denver, PA

Dad walking past a camera after getting his turkey on opening day in PA.

Josh Petrie

Mukwonago, WI

Just showing off!!!

Michele Reinwald

Hustisford , WI

"Standing" deer are not shots we get often. But when we do they definately catch my eye! This spot seems to be the ticket for these kind of pictures as of late. Sometimes it seems as if the deer are "posing" for the camera!

ike yeahright

la vernia, TX

Nice to see the deer survived the Texas snowpocalypse from Feb.

Jake Burwell

Irving, TX

I set a camera out to start tracking hog entry paths to the property. Later that day I dropped a hog and left the remains in front of that same camera to see if I could get some me coyotes to come in. Nothing came in that night but the following days brought the buzzards in. Got a great picture of one in flight just off the ground. Enjoy. I know I enjoyed seeing it come in.