"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

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Joe Segarra

Grand Island, NY

He knew something was near, but couldn’t figure it out...then he spotted a few hens underneath my stand, and he was getting ready to impress!

Jim Dellinger

Monroeville, OH

We have several cameras out on our farm in North Central Ohio. We regularly get many photo's of Deer,Coyotes,Turkey,Small Game and cats. But to our complete surprise we never expected to see a Cat like this. AWESOME !!!!

Mark Pickel

Hazel Green , WI

I haven’t place any trail cameras out for a few years, mainly because my wife and I adopted a couple of girls and time has been limited the last few years. My neighbor has been sending me deer pictures as we converse back and forth. So, I felt left out so I decided to bring my Cuddybacks back out and see what actually was behind my house on my small acreage. I put the cameras out in mid August and was pleasantly surprised to see the number and quality of bucks passing thru my property. Since I was getting so many nice bucks I decided to sit a stand I seldom sit and saw one of the beautiful bucks I had a few pictures of. I passed on him and boy was I glad. The next day I checked my cameras and boy what a dandy I had. A perfect picture of a real giant for my hunting area. I was WOW’ed. I never would have guess I would get a buck of this caliber on my Cuddyback. This is now my target buck for the rest of the Wisconsin deer season. I look forward to checking my Cuddyback cameras again soon. I forgot how much excitement and intel you can recover from a well placed Cuddyback. Be safe and Happy Hunting to All. Enjoy, Mark Pickel

James Ekern

Whitehall, WI

Could never get a clear picture of him with my wildgame, but the Cuddeback caught him

Eli Pachel

Moorhead , MN

New setup with cudde link. Scouting for my 10 year old son’s first hunt.

Terry Sapko

Lebanon, MO

Set up camera by buck scrape and rub and Bobcat showed up



1 st night putting camera out in this spot and seen this buck, put stand up following day and wife took this beauty the following night

John Fletcher

Goldfield , IA

I have been watching this buck all season, he visits this scrape site daily. Today he had a companion. They put their heads together for almost 3 minutes!

Donnie Campbell

Unionville, MO

Whitetail buck in corn field with a brassicas strip.

David Stapp

Ft Collins , CO

This beast comes around every couple of days and absolutely thrashes the trees by my camera. He’s quite the scrapper.