"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

Daniel Caron

Colorado Springs, CO

Broken off elk bull followed by a bigger bull on our 100 acres in Colorado

Jerry Katz

San Antonio, TX

A mature Axis buck getting a cool drink of water before a hard days work on the ranch.

Bobby Custer

Evans, GA

I've hunted this Georgia swamp for 2 years. It's a bucks nest for sure, but it's quite the challenge hunting mature bucks on public land that is pressured very hard. For months, I would get busted by multiple bucks because my scent was heavily spread throughout the swamp. After researching cameras, I discovered the Cuddeback and they are now my go-to! Here was my first daylight pictures in the swamp, thanks to Cuddeback's mesh network system that works fantastic! There is no other cellphone camera out there that could have successfully captured these beautiful images, but Cuddeback allowed me to deploy a mesh camera directly in the swamp and mesh it to my "Home" camera, 800 yards away, catching these amazing images. This awesome picture with the cool reflection and the peaceful duck sun bathing is just a start to what Cuddeback helped me capture in just 30 minutes! Just a few short minutes had gone by and then a medium size buck drops in to find her, you can see the frustration in his body language as he lost her scent in the water. Finally, the big 10 shows up on a mission. Unfortunately I was not hunting that day; however, I do know the swamp donkey is still out there, thanks to Cuddeback's amazing product to help me track him throughout the season. He'll be bigger next year and I'll be smarter, with the help of Cuddeback's mesh network!

Dennis Mullen

Bangor, PA

NORTH BANGOR PORCH PIRATE Someone has been stealing the bird seed from the feeders on my back porch. I set up one of my Cuddeback cameras and it didn't take long to get a picture of the culprit, he even came back for seconds. If anyone knows the identity of this thief, please call...…..oh, never mind.

Kyle Clyne

Lakeland, FL

This young buck was trying to get in and feed some at the feeder but apparently the racoon wasn't yielding his spot. The pictures are spaced 3 minutes apart so it would seem their standoff went on for a while. The 2nd picture it appears the deer is sticking his tongue out at the racoon.

Jason Lannet

Bruce Crossing, MI

Bobcat chasing coyote off carcass

Lawrence Battiste

Stafford, VA

Three bucks sparring.

Ken Gross

Shell Knob, MO

Just another day jumping around on kens property

Terry Schoepp

Cross Plains, WI

As I imagen most hunters do I pull most of my Cuddelink cameras from the deer woods this time of year b/c of the deep snow and short daylight hours and loss of antlers but when a deer died close to home in an open field I jumped at the chance to set up a solar powered cuddelink to see what came and got great pics of coyotes and bobcats at night and birds of prey all day. I call this set of photos 'Incoming' as is shows a Bald Eagle swooping in for a meal.

nelson baird

dunn, NC

i had put my camera up over a corn pile in my field, there where doves eating it, the camera caught this hawk in a dive catching him some food, how is that for fast trigger speed.