"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

Jacob Opatz

Sartell, MN

This monster showed up late during Minnesota’s Muzzleloader Season! Hope he’s still around next year!

Mike Mrdjenovich

Sheboygan , WI

Caught this coyote in full pounce mode in early March in Western Kentucky.

Robert Yates

Volcano, CA

Mountain lion daylight photo on my home hiking and mountain biking trail. The trail runs outside my deer fence and the mountain lion is looking towards my barn and main house. It appears to be young and very thin.

Paul Sipe

Dresden, OH

This is a deer that I've watch progress into a 41/2 year old with great potential. The winter as a 31/2 year old he was depleted and get weak to the point he nearly did not make it till spring. I got him on a regiment of mineral and feed supplement. He recovered and started blossoming into this beautiful whitetail.

James Martin

Ephrata , PA

This at one of my food plots in Virginia

Thomas Herfel

Mondovi, WI, WI

My favorite deer made it through the winter and he's still 'carrying'.

Randy Dufrene Jr

Livingston, LA

Deciding who is eating first

Gabe Kwentus

Southlake , TX

Turkey season. Hog migration.

Rob Nye

Gronlid, SK

My Cudde captured Bob Delaney one of my bear hunting clients in action.

Jonathan Wilson

Milton, NC

You can hear the drumming looking at the picture!