"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

Brian Hartman

Uniontown , PA

My target buck that I ended up harvesting the first Wednesday of PA archery.

Waldo Wollrabe

Terrebonne, OR

This nice Buck Black Tail Deer was on my property regularly. The Cuddieback took some great pictures of it.

Tim Johnston

Alma Center, WI

Two nice Toms strutting for some hens in the middle of November in Garden Valley Wisconsin Bobcat walking by deer stand location Nice black bear bore walking down deer path


Saint Etienne de Cuines 73130, Ot

On the trail of the wolf pack .... they are finally photographed in front of my cuddeback attack! The wolf naturally returned to France from Italy. How lucky to have 3 wolves in the same photograph.

Shekhar Kolipaka

Pijnacker; The Netherlands, Ot

I was surveying a coffee plantation in the western ghats of Karnataka state of India and my goal was to provide recommendations to the owners of the estate on how wildlife and coffee plantation activities can both coexist. Fallen trees are critical land bridges for several arboreal animals like leopard cats, brown palm civet, striped necked mongoose and nilgiri marten. Retaining such fallen trees provides ready escape cover for the species and allows them to move from tree to tree with out having to move on the trails that humans use.

john lugsdin

sarnia, ON

we named this buck thor and hunted him for 3 years this is him our second and 3rd year of hunting him he only came around two weeks of the year for pictures but never got a chance to see him while out hunting he disapered last year never to be seen again

Todd Borszich

Coweta, OK

These deer are on Conjada Mountain located near Stone Bluff Oklahoma. The name Conjada is a Creek Indian word for Rock Candy. These does are excited about their Rock Candy!!


Warner, NH

Several years ago I put a 3 acre field in the back section of my woods. I put feed out and have been attracting bears for 4 years now. I film them with a video camera, often only being 80 to 150 feet away. Boars, sows with cubs, yearlings, even a 500 pounder. I often see the same bear(s) a year or two in a row. I also catch them on my Cuddeback Camera which is how I got these shots. They are a joy to watch and learn from. And they are used to me being around as they often see me, being only 80 feet away sitting on a rock, but ignore my presence.

Dave Winston

Mansfield, TX

This is one of 27 feeder cameras on our property. Turkeys make the rounds, but are always on the ground. This is the first one in flight and speaks to the speed of the Attack Ir; love it...

Michael Saal

Merrill , WI

A foto of me leaving the deer stand after a mussel loader hunt.