"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

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Sunrise buck And Mr wide beam Both on my family farm

Timmithy Horner

Windsor, MO

Pre rut buck photos 20 yards from hayfield by mineral lick

Paul Kratz

Weatherford, TX

This Kansas buck had already broken off one licking branch, but liked this scrape enough to try a new one.

Cathy Bradford

Elberton, GA

In checking our weekly images we saw these two does in this photo, not sure if they were fighting over a buck or what? LOL

Taylor Bouchard

Council Bluffs, IA

After seeing bucks chasing the last few days and wondering when the lockdown was going to hit this pic gave us the answer!

Justin Ayers

Duluth , MN

An up and coming young buck working a moch scrape line. Can’t wait to see what this buck will turn into with a couple more years.

Gus Serio

Cincinnati , OH

Forgot about this camera must have to many out. Nice velvet shedding.

Michael Ferrara

Ravenna, OH

These two are "squaring up" to "discuss things" as the morning arrives, better to get these things outta the way up front right?

John Overcast

Kalispell, MT

Getting this photograph nearly killed my Cuddeback! I wanted to try for a neat reflection shot of anything that might walk this shoreline. So, I found a log that was just above the water level and attached my ever reliable Long Range IR to it. However, when I returned to check my set up, the water had risen over a foot and my great Cuddy was completely submerged! I absolutely could not believe what had happened. After unscrewing my Genius Mount from under the water, I took everything home to try drying everything out. I was very happy that my SD card held this great picture of a beautiful Red Fox, as well as the final, underwater picture from that camera. BTW, my camera still takes pictures, amazingly! But water damage has severely reduced the picture quality...but at least I can still use it!

Jacob Astbury

Pomfret, VT

First snow of the year in vermont, doe walks by for a perfect shot on the camera.