"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

Jess Mellen

clarkston, WA

These are picutres of my spring bear hunt in Idaho. I was able to harvest the bear with the white patch. I have 43 picutes in all of 10 different bears.

Alan Bliss

Andrew, IA

Cuddeback triggers so fast that it even caught these speedy rabbits. I just purchased a cuddeback last summer and it's a great camera. Alan Bliss Andrew,Ia.

Matt Cunningham

Pinson, AL

These two blue heelers came in 10 minutes after the cuddeback captured a small 6 point. Look on the right side of the screen and you can see a deer running through the pines. The dogs look interested but really pay it no attention. Awesome video no way possible without the cuddeback. I love it.

Matt Cunningham

Pinson, AL

A neat video that you should see(I least I thought so)

Matt Cunningham

Pinson, AL

One of my hunting buddies passed on this young deer during the season and then saw a bigger buck in the same area that he could not get a shot at. I saw the bigger deer on the last day of the season and shot a small pine sapling instead of the bucks shoulder. Still waiting to get a picture of the big one that got away. I know its too late for the contest but thought you might like to see it anyway. I never got this kind of pictures with my film camera and rarely any bucks. Two other guys in my hunting club bought cuddebacks after seeing the kind of images I was getting. Now we have three cuddebacks that never come out of the woods. Love the videos also, they blow me away sometimes.

Lonnie Bernarde

Eland, WI

My neighbor shows off for the camera.

Bryan Scruggs

Canton, NC

Just got this photo from this past month, a spectacular scene of 2 does frailing!