"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

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wes monger

shenandoah, VA

I just recently purchased my cuddeback and got these great photos of this Big Buck.I've owned the non-typical deer cam for three years and was very pleased but cuddeback is the best on the market by far. My buddies have alot of diffrent camaras and we compare pictures and needless to say there amazed by the cuddeback.

Todd Hepler

Rimersburg, PA

This photo was taken in July 2005. I had my new Cuddeback a week when I got this image! I hope you enjoy it. I felt that it is something rarely seen in the wild.

David Gibbs

Aiken, SC

Hey Cuddeback; Attached are 3 pics from my farm here in SC. Just put my camera out 1 wk ago and got some great pics. Our season opened monday (hunt for velvet bucks). I don't really hunt until October but its nice to know whats out there. I am one-half of Peel-Scape,Inc (facial camo system with 3-M medical tape rather than paint, nets, etc). My partner, Pierce Marks and i met you last year at the ATA Show....we were across the hallway from you guys. Anyway, we bought a few of your cameras....and....i am impressed with their performance so far. Thanks, David H. Gibbs, M.D.

Matt Jaeger

central point, OR

Just pics from my hunting area in Oregon.

Corey McMorris

, LA

got the pic. of the black coyote coming through by my cuddeback digital cam.

clay erickson

, WI

taken on a bait in sawyer Co.

Christof Hagen

, CH

This dear was killed by a lynx 1 day ago, and then left. Now the foxes take advantage.

Eddie Tompkins

Monroe, GA

All of these pictures are taken in Gwinnett Co. Georgia which is part of Metro Atlanta. The tract of land these deer are on is only 30 acres. When I got these pictures I captures 9 different bucks in a 4 day period. Not bad for 30 acres.

Rich Hansen

, WI

3 northern Wisconsin bucks eating turnips while the sun was setting

Mark Wright

Plummer, MN

I own two cuddeback digital cameras one is a 1.3 and the other is a 3.0 mega pixel. The picture taken on 8-07-05 is with the 3.0 mega pixel camera. This nice eight pointer is on my hunting land I bought four years ago. I believe in deer managment and don't shoot any small bucks. I also believe in mineral for antler growth. The bucks have been increasing in size every year. The picture taken on 8-08-05 is also on my hunting land and is also a nice eight pointer I will be passing up this year if I see it. The picture taken on 1-18-05 is from my 1.3 mega pixel cuddeback. This picture was taken behind my house. The year before he was an eight pointer he has fourteen points in this picture. We see him every year around deer hunting. I live in the city limits so, he is safe.