"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

Jim Hill

Mt. Auburn,, IA

First camera and I tell the same story as everyone else/ had no idea that there were that many good deer in my area.

Michael Rogers

Larsen, WI

Had some Sand Hill cranes come in my bait pile with their baby chicks. Pretty neat to be able to capture these photos

Michael J Rogers

Larsen, WI

On my land where I have my Cuddeback camera got some nice bucks.

Terry W Hepler

Templeton, PA

I had been trying to get an invetory of the bucks left in the area, and was suprised to see this coyote.



Our property has been invaded by feral hogs this summer. I had no idea how many we had, until I viewed the pictures from our new camera. Have you ever seen a "pointer" feral hog?

Elwin L Stillman

Lowville, NY

This picture was taken on a bear trail on a mountain located in the Adirondack Mountains. No bait or scents were used. Note the porcupine quills in the bears mouth.

Dan Catlin

Mt. Pleasant, MI

This is a new picture of a velvet deer in my BioLogic field with the sun setting in the back ground.

Rich Wickstrom www.whitetailgear.com

L'Anse, MI

I used trophy rock and my cuddeback to locate a trio of shooters. Anxiously awaiting October 1 in Upper Michigan.

Rollis E Deen

Glen Saint Mary, FL

A buck doing what he does best

Jeff Hollingshead

newberry, MI

This picture was taken in an oat plot I put in for a friend. I think the flash off the spider web is cool, and the buck in the backround isn't that bad either.