"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

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Mike Krajewski

Bangor, WI

Notice his tonge sticking out, what you don't see is the doe that went bye 2 minutes earlier.

Stephen Paulsen

Peshtigo, WI

Mark Sarratt

Lexington, NE

The first night I moved the camera to a new trail, this big boy showed up. Two days later diring rifle season, he walked out in the daylight and now is at the taxidermist's. 170 typical, 185 nontypical.

Lee Wilson

Lincoln, NE

Working a scrape very hard. #2 is a mink contemplating attacking a doe.

dean olson

duluth, MN

The day after I shot a nice 9 point 213 lb buck I got this pic of a bigger and nicer racked buck in the same area. Incentive for next season as we can only shoot one deer a year in MN.

edward benson

new alexandria, PA

lyle halliday

winona, MN

no story had camera when hunting same area but were in wrong place.

Dan Stricker

Mellen, WI

Chris Thornhill

Brookhaven, MS

I went down to check the camera when I got to it my feeder it was turned over I thought somebody had vanalized my feeder when I check my camera this is what I had check the top of the feeder and how low to the ground the deer is on the left you can hardly see his feet i know their not big bucks but its unusaul to get deer fighting on a camera

Pete McCormick

Rio, WI

I have been using trail cameras for a couple of years, and I can say with out hesitation, that the Cuddeback out performs any other camera, the speed and clarity are by far the best I have ever used. Timing the picture is everything so getting a photo of these two young bucks locking up is truly a great photo.