"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

Greg Brown

Mexico, MO

This deer seems to have 3 beams of antlers. I have never seen such a thing and thought you would enjoy it.

Lisa Boyd

Montrose, MI

This is one of a series where the raccoons were crowding this young buck off the feed pile. I guess he was getting fed up with them and gave them the raspberry on the way out.

Jay Weber

Mondovi, WI

I found this picture of the "Fawn at Dawn" pretty cool!

Kie Doster

Alpharetta, GA

I had hunted this area quite a bit with no luck. However, I had seen a lot of signs. So I decided to put the camera near my stand and was suprised to see this NICE South Georgia Whitetail.

Bryan Scruggs

Canton, NC

These are recent pics from my Cuddeback, I was astonished at these fellars, especially in velvet, when i scrolled to them, wanted to share them with everyone else!

Todd Grimes

St. Charles, MN

I purchased my Cuddeback this spring. I put it out for the first time on July 1, and this was the very first picture it took.

shaun six

millfield, OH

I threw corn out behind my house and this is what I captured.

Jeff Petermann

West Bend, WI, WI

There is really not much to say but I have seen the doe and fawn a couple of times in the area, lucky enough to get them in the camera. I have the camera set up on a trail near a cabin that I just bought in northern Wisconsin. Also, after receiving the upgrade, the camera works great!!!!

Keith Golian

Center, MO

During 04 bow season seen the buck 3 times but he didn't let me get a shot off though it felt good knowing there was shooter buck in my woods. thank you cuddeback and fokes at non typical for a great camera!

Kyle Stauffer

Polo, IL

I was working a jobsite in NE Missouri and noticed one of the local workers was an avid deer hunter and was showing off his film pics. I told hi I had a cuddeback with me and asked him for a place to put it up. He took me to a nearby farm and told me to put it up along the bean feild. 83pictures in 8 days of over 15 different bucks. This picture has a total of 5 different young bucks in it. THe fifth buck is far in background, We could never see it until we zoomed in on the picture. The local is now a beleiver in Cuddeback and is selling all his film camera's!!