"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

Gary Lewis Jr.

Coatesville, PA

The first picture is of a 4 point buck in velvet, the second is the same buck rubbing a tree in the background, and the third is of him after rubbing with no velvet at all. All three pictures were taken within an hour.

Tim Neu


Here's a funny video of 2 fawns playing while there mom gets a bite to eat.

Neil Jernigan

Snow Hill, NC

I put out my cuddeback digital for the first time and I put out my other camera I got 15 more pictures than the other camera,plus this little buck I'd never seen before.

gene copeland

madison, IN

got this picture of a incoming hen.

Geoff Smith

Shoreview, MN

These bear pics are on the first day after I bought my cuddeback cam. In the first week, I had over 50 pictures of bear and deer. It gives me a fantastic insight as to the animals and times they are coming into the feeder.

todd pearce

crestview, FL

these deer in Florida just taunt you

Joseph M. Verme

worthville, KY

Matt and Jarret

Prairie du Sac, WI

must be nice 2 be able 2 use feeders. here in prairie du sac wisconsin, its all naturall


Dorr, MI

Me and my brother just put my cuddeback over a mineral pile to see what was out. We were suprised to find this nice buck on the pile during daylight hours.

Brian Tangen

Frazee, MN

The very first picture my cuddeback camera took was of this nice buck in the first picture, and at 2:00 in the afternoon! In the 2nd picture, I have the camera set on a trail down by a swamp near a bow stand I have. I saw the picture of the nice buck and never even realized there was another buck in the background until a friend who was looking at the picture mentioned it to me. I have gotten several awesome deer pictures and have also got some blak bear and Timberwolf pictures in the mix. I love my Cuddeback, what an awesome scouting tool.