"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

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John Harper

Chesterfield, VA

Not sure what they are doing. But it is probably pass interference.

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Matt Cunningham

Pinson, AL

Great Buck still putting on bone. How about putting some pictures on the website from us southern boys. I can not find a picture from south of Pennsylvania.

jeff falkowski

mineral city, OH

just a buck captured that has just shed his velvet

Mike Hanna

Polk, PA

Wade Jensik

Belleville, KS

While I was away elk hunting in Colorado this September I had some scouting help. The Cuddeback 3.0 worked flawlessly capturing some great deer! 386 pictures in one week from one camera! Can't wait to get the other 5 cameras out and set up! Thanks for such a great reliable scouting product!! Just as fun as hunting them!! Thanks again! Wade Jensik

Darin Blackburn

Springville, IN

I was starting to get worried because I wasn't seeing any bigger bucks on the property I hunt(just small ones).I decided to move my cuddeback across the clover field and next to my ladderstand just to see what I could get in that area.I went back and check the camera in about a week and was so excited to see this buck on it.Now I have the fever so bad I can't wait for Oct.1st to get here. The bottom picture is of a buck that I belive to be the offspring of the buck I took last year.They have both have that little sticker point at the base of there left antler,so I was really glad to see that also.He will be a dandy in a few years.I love my Cuddeback Digital,it is an awesome scouting tool and I wouldn't take anything for it.

Daniel M. Prince

Woodstock, GA

these pictures are the first deer that i have seen all one of them wil be on my wall this hunting season. have fun looking at them

Jeff W Drake

Freeport, IL

Three nice bucks out of velvet

Mark A O'Connor

Lowville, NY

I think that I get more excited about looking to see what is on the camera then I do about the actual season it self.

Marty Shepler

Durand, WI

I Just put out my camera and boy was I supprised to see this deer. I had no idea he was on my property.