"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

Todd Grimes

St. Charles, MN

Here is the "Big Boy" we have been after for 3 years. Thanks to my new Cuddeback, we know he is still in the area.

shawn Eads

Bristol, VA

Mother Bobcat and 2 Kittens on a well used deer trail

Louis L. Parker

Huntsville, TX

Would have been a good morning to be on the stand, these photos were taken the opening morning of bow season near Huntsville, TX.

Brad Walls

Glen Fork, WV

These photos were taken on my lease, I wasnt really sure if there was anything worth hunting in the area, thanks to cudde back I know theres a pretty nice 10pt that frequents my feeder.

Roland Benzow

Sturtevant, WI

2005 Bear hunt. My cuddeback took 158 pic in a 24 hour window. A lot of different bear but to many Sow's and cubs. I have one more weekend to kill one(hopefully the big one my cuddeback got)


Warner Robins, GA

What a south georgia hunter got to do to get a picture on here.........just bought my 2nd cuddeback, there no better scouting buddy

Kolby Shelby

Comanche, OK

It was the first cool day of the fall and these Oklahoma bucks were checking out this freshly planted wheat plot two days before archery season.

chad richardson

columbia, MO

I got this picture over corn in August and looked at it probably 5 or 6 times before I realized that there was not one but two great deer in the picture. Right behind the buck I named "Stubby" was a beautiful main frame ten.

Tom Smart

Butternut, WI

I bought this camera and was amazed at the quality of the photos it takes. I only had the camera put up for a few days and I already got these awesome pictures of these two bucks fighting.

K Eshbaugh

West Alexander, PA

My cuddeback had an "cam error" message when I checked it after 12 days. I found out the card was full with 106 pictures!