"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

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Randy Moran

Koshkonong, MO

This sure is a weird picture, I don't know what they are doing, its to early to see any breeding, I guess it maybe getting there pecking order established or something. Thanks for a great product. You should put a warning label on your cameras, they are habit forming LOL. Randy Moran

Brandon Reeder

Loysville, PA

Smokey Andler

Montello, WI

I checked this camera within 2 hours of when the picture was taken!! You can see the house in the treeline!!

Lee Papendorf

Pleasant Prairie, WI

These two boars strolled in to check out some food. Once they seen what was for dinner they didn't want to share.

Rob Totenhagen

Shakopee, MN



Having just purchased a piece of property, I set up my CuddeBack to see if any deer were on the property. I belive I will be pleased with this property purchase

Ted k graser, CPA

Burlington, WI

I have watched this buck mature and elude hunting pressure through the past 3 years. This picture was taken in July 2003. He is still alive in 2005 as a heavy 10 point. I do not have pictures of him in 2005, but have viewed him closely in early mornings. He mysteriously disappears during the deer gun seasons in Wisconsin

Eric Busch

Sandy, OR

This bear had been tearing apart our apple and plum trees for quite a while. We had a cuddeback camera shipped overnight so we could capture it in the act. The first night we had three pictures of this bear, plus a few more of the deer in our area. This is the best picture of the bear.

Mike Erickson

Eau Claire, WI

I've got two Cuddebacks now and love them. During the 2004 Archery Season I captured picture number 1 with a bear laying down stretching in some corn. During July of the 2005 scouting season, I captured Pictures two and three. These are some of the most unique pictures I have of Bear. A beautiful black bear standing up with a white triangle on his chest. The last one shows a different bear scratching himself on a tree. I've also used my Cuddeback in time lapse mode to show all the stages of building a food plot....from woods, to dirt, to a plush green field..... Mike Erickson

Marc Perkins

Cartersville, GA

I now have 3 cuddebacks including the new 3 mp that took this photo. I put it up about 100 yards from my treestand on a trail leading from a field I have planted with Power Plant. It's almost as good as hunting just going to get the camera.