"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

Nate Stoltzfus

Sacramento, PA

I love running Cuddeback camras year-round to get awsome shots like these!

John Overcast

Kalispell, MT

I set up this camera (Cuddeback Long Range IR) way back in a drainage in NW Montana. Whitetail Deer travel this closed logging road regularly, and I was hoping to catch a big rutting buck cruising for does. A half mile before I reached my Cuddy, I could see in the fresh snow that multiple mountain lions had been on the road. Once I reached my camera, the tracks indicated that these lions had not merely walked past the camera, there were many tracks right in front of my set up. I couldn't wait to check my Cuddeback pictures, and was not disappointed in the least!

David Mainor

Adel, GA

This doe loves to pose for the camera. She checks the camera out on a regular basis.

Troy Willie

Harpers ferry , IA

Years back I set up this camera on this deer carcus took some pictures of these eagles hawks fight. These two coyotes can read this sign.

Mark Shaw

Chickamauga, GA

I buy timber for Valley Wood, Inc. in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee . In 2016 I was cutting a tract in Murray County, GA for Mickey Long . One day I was coming into the job to check on my crew and Mickey was leaving. He's as crazy about hunting as I am and had came out on his lunch break to check on our progress and check some of his trail cameras. He kind of had a bewildered look on his face and said he had a weird picture and didn't know what to make of it. He said he had a naked guy walking by one of his cameras that looked like an indian. He said it doesn't show anything bad. But, " he looks like he's damn naked". In 21 years of running cameras and buying timber, I've never seen anything quite like it. This was taken in the woods, not close to any houses (at least 1/2 mile from the nearest house), out in the briary woods of Murray County. Mickey has talked to any neighbors that he can find and the Murray county Sheriff's office and nobody recognizes him. The sheriff's office said he was probably on drugs. I've been telling Mickey he needs to enter his picture since then. That he'd win another camera if he did. He finally told me last week to enter it. So, here it is. If it wins, call me and I'll give you Mickey's number so you can send him his camera. thanks, Mark Shaw 423-280-0993

Jack Dunlap

Lubbock, TX

Have many pics of deer chasing each other. Thanks to the Cuddeback camera fast trigger speed was able to catch these two playing around.

Tracy Weeks

Marshall, NC

Two button bucks. Looks like one don't want to share! I still like to keep up with the deer even if it isn't hunting season.

Sam Jones

Fitchburg, WI

When you hear cuddeback is coming out with a new camera!! Photo taken in south central Wisconsin. This very curious girl has made sure to check each camera I have out. It's been neat see that past couple of years.

Michael Austin

Baton Rouge, LA

I have this camera set up on a small food plot with a deer scrape opposite the camera side. I have captured many animals, both day and night. I am always impressed at how the Cuddeback can stop action in photos.

CURT Kozitka


Fighting Black Bear at my bear bait station in Becker County, MN near Detroit Lakes. Winner gets the sweet treats!! Cuddeback captured some great trail cam pics at the bait station. And the Cuddeback bear proof box saved my Cuddeback!!! Wise investment in these situations. Cuddeback Model C1279 takes great color pics!! I ended up harvesting one of these two bear. Qualified for P&Y with a score of 18 4/16”. Cuddeback helped me locate a record book black bear!! Thanks Cuddeback.