"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

Doug Wonders

Motley , MN

Blending in. Can you see him?

Rand Leitner


This buck did all he could to check out the camera but never got spooked and ran off. I love the cameras and have loads of great pics emailed to me daily from Georgia to florida and don't have to worry about physically checking them to know what is moving in my area.hanks for the GREAT cameras.

Mike Gulick

Albion, IN

Wide 8 on our Indiana farm eating my chicory food plot.

Darren Lindsey

Towanda, PA

After 4 seasons my Cuddeback E2 long range IR cameras still work perfect and capture very crisp detailed photos day or night. These two bears seem to have had enough of each other in this picture. Amazing that these cameras can capture such great pictures while the bears are moving so much.

Brennan McGurn

Yarker, ON

Couple young up and comers with the genes from rack I have on my wall

Bruce Goldstrand

Lake Bronson, MN

Here today gone tomorrow. I have two older Cuddeback cameras that take really nice photos. The first one is a nice buck taking a good look at the camera, maybe posing. The second one is a buck losing his velvet. The camera that took image two is a little beat up and I can't set the date or time anymore, but captures good images.

Dennis Olano

Burlington, KY

First picture I have ever gotten of a Bobcat on this property and its a big one. Easy to see why as it was successful hunting this day.

Courtlynn Bauer

Scandinavia, WI

This was taken in one of my favorite spots I call, Hotspot. A few years ago this field was alfalfa and we had pictures of some beautiful bucks. This is the first year back in alfalfa and I knew what camera I had to put there, the only Cuddeback we own. And it didn't disappoint! It captured this beautiful action shot amongst other great buck pictures.

Lamar Hanson

Grants Pass, OR

This is a picture my camera caught years ago while I had it set up near a spring in Southern Oregon prior to archery deer season. There are two animals in the picture, and one is a mountain lion. I think the other animal is a deer that the cougar may have by the neck.

Rex Summerfield

Weippe, ID

I got a cool series of photos of this cat killing a whitetail buck with my Cuddelink system.