"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

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Gary Kraszewski

Green Bay, WI


Jarett Mosley

Estevan , SK

It’s amazing to see the jumping power whitetail deer have. The fence is 4 feet tall and this doe is clearing it with ease.

shawn schaefer

Potosi, WI

Been chasing this deer for 3 years. Literally have hundreds of pictures of him! I am running 12 cuddelink cameras and knew exactly where he was traveling. He was very nocturnal and only showed himself during light 4 times. Was lucky enough to finally cross paths with him this year with the bow during the rut. Green score 210 6/8.

Aaron Lynch

Tony, WI

This is a photo of a Northwest WI fisher, The first time I've gotten of one of these critters on cam! this picture was captured with my new X-change Cuddeback.

Aaron Lynch


This is a deer I called "Chief". He appeared to be the oldest deer on the farm I hunt in northwest WI. He first showed up on the 31st of October. I never did end up seeing him, but I hope to catch up with him this year!

Matthew Lang

South Milwaukee, WI

It’s February. Show off those antlers before they fall off.

Marsha Hoh

Du Bois, PA

Trying to get a picture of these fast moving fishers is almost impossible but not for the cuddeback camera! Currently have 13 of them out all year round. They are worth every penny!


Lawrenceville, GA

I setup this camera a month ago and added corn to attract deer. This is a great shot of a couple does feeding.

Brian Rhodd

Mayetta , KS

This buck lived behind my old house. I was lucky enough to shoot him on November 11th 2018. The year before he was a clean 10. His right side didn’t add the G4 in 2018. Had he grown that he would have easily made B&C.

Doug Wonders

Motley , MN

This was a busy trail I’m impressed how all the cameras were working with the night time temps going down to minus 25 degrees. I have gotten a lot of coyote photos but this has to be the most unique colored coyotes that I have seen.