"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

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William Bradley

Vicksburg, MS

Put my Cuddeback camera out in early Oct. of this year, have check it 3 times, had over a thousand pics the first 2 time I checked it. The third time the card was only installed approximately 8 day had over two hundred pictures on the card, got a kick out of these two Bucks fighting, they are less than 30 yards form one of my tri-pod stands - Season opens in MS this coming weekend, might be good! I've had other cameras but I always come back to Cuddeback, they hold up better, last longer and take better pictures. Best Regards Bill Bradley

Mary English

Lindsay, OK

this picture is on a food plot that my son started several years ago and it was his favorite hunting spot. He was killed in an accident 7 1/2 years ago but i still keep his plots going and when i am there feel like he is there with me. My grandson hunts this plot now and i hunt one of the others. Really does look like an angel.

Jeremy Melville

Downs, IL

This is a buck I call "Birthday Buck". My birthday falls during the hunting season and I have never harvested a buck on my birthday. I had an opportunity at this buck on my birthday in 2018 and missed him with a muzzleloader. He was at 110 yards, but hit a branch at 10 yards and completely missed. Boy am I glad I missed him. He blew up and put on about 40 inches over the next year. I got this picture of him as I was hunting the opposite side of the farm that day. I was able to connect on him on 11/13 and harvested him!! This picture represents just how majestic these animals are in the woods.

jerry kinsley


this nice guy walked by my stand just a few hours before sitting in it !!!

Tristan Karr

Peoria, AZ

Surprise rut buck on a very small piece of property in Indiana.

Jeff Jordan

Greenwood twp., MI

Was checking my camera and thought this was funny . The deer was sticking her tongue out at me cuz she was there and I wasnt

Jeff Santel

Aviston, IL

Large bobcat making its way through Illinois river bottoms!

Art Gruner

Hortonville, WI

This whitetail couple got caught in the act. Little did they know that a cuddeback camera was in thier bedroom. I couldn't believe it when I saw this picture. How rare it must be to get deer doing IT on camera, not to mention in the middle of the frame. We have hundreds of pictures of this buck, however have never laid eyes on him in person.

Kamara Richard

Kampala, Ot

The photo is of wathog commonly known as "Pumba" taken from Queen Elizabeth national park boundaries near the community land. this animal belogs to the pig family and sometimes is reffered to as AKUNA MATATA meaning no worries

Ray Wolken

Gardner , KS

1( Two mother does fighting cause one mom still has a yearling with her this is all during the Kansas rut. 2( kissing and caught on camera.