"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

VInce Gajewski

Honey Grove, PA

First little one of the season.

Lacy E Bethel

Roanoke, VA

In the spring 2019, after the cold snowy winter in Roanoke Virginia. The mother and her 3 cubs are enjoying the spring afternoon having a family picnic. The 3 cubs are an exciting site to see in this area.

Gary Kraszewski

Green Bay, WI

Ruffed Grouse still drumming.

Heath Iacarella

Elk River , MN

May photo of a soon to be giant !Also a curious closeup pic ! Camera says Booner bottom and I’m sure this se Mn deer will be just that . ... Booner !!!

Irvin Blackburn

Ripley, OH

just a nice shot of a dandy gobbler!

Karee Deardorff

Darby, MT

This is about 200 yards from my front door 4 mountain lions walkin up my driveway at dusk

Ray Ulyate

Albany, New Zealand, Ot

We had seen spoor from this Leopard so knew it was in the area ... but there were Lion as well so he/she was being very cautious in his movements. There was not much water around so I set the camera up near a waterhole in the hopes it would get thirsty. No sooner had I set it up than a herd of elephants came down to drink. I retreated and left the camera until the next day. On returning I was surprised to see the camera still where I had left it - untouched by the elephants. The first pics I saw were out-of-focus elephant ears - they were that close ...and then just a single photo of this most magnificent specimen. In reminded me of the first photo taken of a Lion by Flash in 1909 & presented in appreciation to my Grandfather by the original Wildlife Photographer - Cherry Kearton.



I've been placing a camera on this spot from October to June for years to monitor the deer and turkeys coming and going from our hay field. I was excited to see a new fawn already running around. Looking at the date and size of this fawn gives me an idea when you rut happened around our farm last year as the gestation period on deer is approximately 200 days.

Jeff Wernet

East Canton, OH

Caught a large coyote on a trail behind our home. He's about the same height as our 80lb mountain cur.

Riley A. Fletschock

Eau Claire, WI

June 1 , bucks on there way of growing there new antlers June 2, buck with one working eye camera is set up at a small water sight that I bring in fresh water every other day