"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

Dewey Higley

Dolores , CO

Photo taken with H20 IR camera. Set camera in yard for test. Caught clear picture of deer in motion after jumping fence.

Darrell Belcher

Georgetown, TN

I hunt property in another state that is a 7 hr drive so I purchased and set up the cuddeback system to monitor activity without having to spend a weekend going to check cameras the photo was taken on 5/11/21 of the bucks with antlers coming on pretty good and second photo is a bobcat at the mineral site and third photo is a nice buck that managed to survive for another season

Doug Wonders

Motley , MN

Everyone always tries to get the perfect photo of a fanned out strutting gobbler. Here is the perfect non strutting photo of a gobbler skylined against the blue sky. He came by at the perfect time of day to capture all of the colors.

Steven Lowman

Connelly Springs, NC

Again I have to say there is nothing better than the anticipation of scrolling through sd cards to see what we have captured on our Cuddeback cameras. Whether it is watching antlers grow or strutting gobblers in spring or the total surprise of something unusual like a black bear passing through. Today to my surprise I captured a hen turkey with her new clutch of poults, Thanks for a great camera , notice little ones perched on stump.

Emery Thrift

Trenton , FL

This pic is of a bear that has been destroying feeders in our camp for several years, but usually moves on after a couple of weeks until the next year. This year he has been around for months. For some reason the time has changed on this camera but the date is correct this is one of the first daytime pics of this guy.

Todd Hart

Eddyville, IA

I love my Cuddieback cameras . This buck was on is death bed last year and he has grown so much this year.

terry schoepp

Cross Plains, WI

Spring has sprung! Spring in Wisconsin means turkey hunting and cuddebacks are a great tool for patterning Toms to up your chances of bagging a bird but also a great way to see what else is spring up in the deer woods!

Lorna Nolte

Sunriver, OR

We installed Cuddeback cameras in our wood duck nest boxes. We have three boxes with a false top installed for the camera to rest with a hole for the lens. We installed solar panels to eliminate disturbing the nest box to change batteries. This is our third year and we had noticeably fewer wood ducks this year. These are from one box and she is in the laying stage. One of our other boxes is being frequented by a flicker and not much activity in our third box. These photos show the wood duck with an exposed egg that hasn't been covered yet, and one of her looking up as if she is curious about the camera, we are not sure if the shutter makes audible noise. We had researched nest box cameras and could not find anything available. The camera provides wonderful nesting photos. We hope to submit "chick" photos this year. Last year we had three active nest boxes with only one with a camera, and we did get a few photos, one of a chick climbing up our cute little duck box ladder.

steve Hammill

Eureka, MT

Elk calving time. This young cow is looking for a safe spot. She noticed the camera, turned, walked up to it, then went on her way.

Drew Tate

Austin, TX

First round images from my Cuddeback 3-cam network after the surprisingly easy setup. (Need to go back and crank up the resolution and turn on the video... Can I do that remotely?) Caught a corn fight at the feeder and my pond builder moving the dozer!