"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

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Brandon Carlton

Simpsonville , SC

Mature South Carolina whitetail not distributed at all by cuddecack camera. Cruising through looking for does but the trigger speed great enough not to get a blank image and also clear enough to count the points. Gotta love the cuddebacks. Just one of 6 cameras love the link features to track this buck on the move!!!

Brandon Carlton

Simpsonville, SC

South Carolina 8 point preparing his Scrape for the November rut in the south. Deer hit this scrape multiple days in the row and my Cuddeback camera never spooked him or pushed him off of his routine!!! Great camera, great clarity, more to come.

Scott Haarstad

Hutchinson, MN

Caught this battle with your Cuddeback Blue Series 20MP. The deer was harvested by one of my hunting party and it's right eye was poked and protruding. The pic on 11/01 is of him in the same location. You can see that something isn't right with that eye. I had picks of him before the battle and his eye was fine. Probably happened in the battle. Quite an impressive photo.

Kimberly R Hulbert


Backyard bucks.

Louis Baum

Springfield Center, NY

I run camera baits for Coyotes and other predators. This is the first time that I have had 3 Coyotes visit at the same time! You never know what will come to a well placed bait!

Bill Boeschen

Okawville, IL

This J-2 has been getting us great great night and day deer pictures. This morning we have a curious kitty wanting to let us know she is there. Illinois has finally has a Bobcat season for the last 4-5 years. Tough getting a tag, but if and when I do I hope I can put more then a picture of this cat in my basement.

Loren Hanson

Janesville, WI

Two smaller bucks that should be nice in another year or two. This saddle is a regular crossing and gets a lot of traffic for a variety of wildlife. The opening to the woods is another good draw for some nice scenic shots and some good bucke.

Michael Uptegrove

Odessa, MO

Had been seeing and taking nice deer but saw the first deer last year and took then saw the second which is related I believe due to the symetry and width this year. Still waiting on him to show as of 11-15-20. Happy hunting everyone. Worked my whole life to get this property. Love being there

Harry Pridemore

Decatur, IL

The rut season is just about to start. This big guy is marking his territory early. I did not know that they would stand on their hind legs like that to mark a tree branch. Pretty cool !!!

Darryl Lesoski

Traverse City, MI

Moving my cameras and found this little critter enjoying the safe guards of the Cuddelink camera and protective cover!