"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

James Tyler

Campbell, NY

This buck arrived seven minutes behind an obviously hot doe. Later in the season, the camera caught him as I was shooting a doe with a muzzle loader three hundred feet away. Lucky buck.

Jack Huyett

Saint Matthews , SC

I only see this bird every couple months on camera. He walks down my deer stand shooting lane like he owns the place and today the sun really lit him up.

Joseph Pullig

Haughton, LA

After historic snow and ice melted for North Louisiana it lead to creeks being completely full and the deer which had never experienced weather like this before were willing to wade water while eating!

Curt Kozitka

Detroit Lakes, MN

Cuddeback Color Model C1279 captured pics of this fisher & coyote. Trail cam worked great despite night time temps down to an actual temperature of -27 degrees. Pics taken near Detroit Lakes, MN in Becker County. Only second time in years of running Cuddeback trail cams that I got a pic of a fisher. Secretive nocturnal mammal rarely seen! Cuddeback came thru with the shot again!

Chad Walderbach

Cedar Falls, IA

Here are some juvenile Bald Eagles over a deer carcass. The pictures capture a fight over the carcass.

Don Whitaker

Decatur, AR

Deer have been hitting the supplement hard with the minus temp and heavy snow. Guess this doe got too close to the other and spooked. Looks like she’s sitting down and posing for her pic.

Joell Adair

Santaquin, UT

This bull came in after the rut and the hunting seasons ended. I believe he got gored by another bull elk in the area he is or was definitely a great bull elk. I do not believe he survived much longer after this. When I checked this camera I had smelled death in the area. I will be hiking this area quite a bit when the snow melts.

Joell Adair

Santaquin, UT

This bull elk was probably the biggest bull I was able to capture last year. When we set up the camera in this area it was majorly infested with mosquitos. Like we barely got the camera set up we didn't even see where it was taking photos.

Gary Kraszewski

Green Bay, WI


Jarett Mosley

Estevan , SK

It’s amazing to see the jumping power whitetail deer have. The fence is 4 feet tall and this doe is clearing it with ease.