"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

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William Jones


doe's fighting

Mike Metz

Burlington , WI

These two bucks were caught sparring in front of one of my cuddeback cameras in early September. As you can see, the nine year old Capture flash model still takes great pictures.

Matt Cordell

Chambersburg, PA

Bobcats are a rare sight in southern Pennsylvania. This bobcat came through midday for a squirrel lunch. The Cuddeback Attack IR captured him center frame for a great full color picture with this fox squirrel in his mouth!

Trey Miller

Jet, OK

Two of my older more mature deer together. They generally push each other off so this is a short lived moment.

jason rozzi

Logansport, IN

The camera model is a J series IR camera on a cuddelink network. First Bobcat I have ever captured on camera.

Gerald Casperson

menominee, MI

The buck i have been watching for month. He showed up out of the blue. September 14th during veteran hunt he came out at 6pm but didnt give me a clear shot. He comes out around 8 every day. The doe just looks funny

Chris Richards

Spring Hill, KS

My twin six year old boys and I have permission along with other family members on a really neat piece of ground North of Greeley Kansas. This is the boys first year deer hunting with me but they think they are veterans of the trail camera game. The camera was setup and left in place for a couple of weeks before we checked the pictures. The photos were underwhelming until we scrolled to this one in particular. Everyone who has seen it comments on the quality and the detail. You can clearly see the primary feathers on each wing. Awesome!


Green Bay, WI

I have been seeing these two brothers the past couple of years. Hopefully I get a chance to harvest one of these big boys!

Carla Foster

Onfer, TX

Been hunting this deer for five years now. Hope to see him this year.

Doug Wonders

Motley , MN

Blending in. Can you see him?