"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

Matt Waag

Cherry Creek , NY

I took a road kill up to our hayfield to try and get photos and times of coyotes only to be surprised to get pictures of Bald Eagles. The skunk and fox picture is just a reminder when you know your day is about to stink.

Jack Sullivan

Jefferson, NH

This path is frequented by Deer, Bear, Bobcat, Moose, Turkeys Fox and Skunks but in this case in must have been rush hour.

Todd Brydge

Lyndhurst, VA

This camera set up on a deer Trail. Turkeys seem to use it just as much.

Gary Kraszewski

Green Bay, WI

WI Ruffed Grouse on his spring drumming log, still some snow in the woods.

Eric Wiens

Claremore, OK

Hoping to get deer on camera instead got ducks.

Fredrick Anderson

Powell, TN

Caught a lot of great photos but this one helped me to bag a great tom a few days later on my farm in middle Tennessee.

Terrence Sinclair

Framingham, MA

The one that got away and made it through the season and just winter time activity on a well used travel trail.

Anthony Barile

Staten Island, NY

I had set up my ground blind and trail camera weeks before huting season opened as to get the wildlife used to it. On opening day, In the dark, I walked into the woods to the location where I had set it up and couldn't find it. I thought it had been stolen. I waited for the sun to rise and noticed it was collapsed and laying flat on the ground. I stood it back up and realized it had been attacked by bears. I had big claw marks ripped into the material in a couple of places and the support rods were also broken. I walked over to the trail camera to check the photo's and my suspicion was right. A sow with her 2 cubs had come into the area and they all got suspicious and knocked over the blind and tried to eat the camera.

David Gerlach

Moultrie, GA

I wanted to see how the deer on my property made it thru the season so I placed my E2's on my protein gravity feeders. Both bucks( hornless) and does are hitting them hard prior to spring green up.

merrill gates

perkins, OK

Crow encountering squirrel at feeding time....