"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

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Niall Beddy

Tshipise, Limpopo, South Africa, Ot

Camera traps have become an incredible tool for wildlife management and advancing our understanding of certain species within the reserve and the wider area of connected reserves. It provides us with a low impact method of accessing and recording data on predator populations continuously. Nothing is more exciting than retrieving your data to find a beautiful juvenile leopard curiously staring into the camera as they realise something different and unusual has appeared in their environment. By far the best capture this year. This is one of 20 Cuddeback cameras running 24/7 to provide us with a better understanding of the population density of leopard on the reserve.

Michael Hanten

Weyauwega, WI

Been tracking this guy for a while. Thought the photo quality on this pic was great! Makes me want to hit the woods every timed I see it!

Ed Brodt

Middletown, KY

Central Kentucky. Major game crossing spot from big timber across ridge to saddle area. Mineral lick also on far tree line. Deer, Bobcat, Turkey are seen here daily.

Michael Patterson

Tulsa, OK

I’ve been watching this buck closely since he showed up in October. He’s now quite the regular and is trying to establish himself as one of the major players on the property. A doe visited the food plot 5 hours prior and urinated directly in front of the camera. He followed his nose straight to where she stood and put on quite a show lip curling directly into the camera! I just love being able to see moments like this remotely from the warmth of the living room. Heading out this afternoon to try and tag his much bigger counterpart who’s been visiting the same food plot.

Brett Salm

Neshkoro, WI

Great pictures captured by my cuddeback. This is a great buck that has shown up for the rut, and has been working hard. He’s got some splits on him and some mass. Hope he sticks around the cuddeback camera’s.

Matt Ginter

Lexington , KY

7 long beards

Michael Pierce


Doe came thru few min earlier w a big buck min behind. Then 15 min pass n she came back theu uninterested in his advances

Dustin Murphy


Love this pic because of the Sunset in the backdrop. Not a monster 10 pointer but this thing could be a Terry Redlin painting. Hope you all like it!

Ed Bott

springwater, NY

They don't look anymore guilty than this guy. 2 racoons knocked my camera into a downward angle and he came through later.

Doug Bieger

Getzville, NY

Coyotes had killed a deer in our hayfield during the day there were two bald eagles and turkey vultures eating the carcass along with the crows I went out and set up my camera to see what I would get in these are the photos I get November 8, 2019 You will notice the date is wrong on the camera and I’m sorry for that