"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

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Ty Green

Holden , MO

Lookin for love or a fight whichever comes along first

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Chuck Silcox

Lincoln University , PA

My family owns 126 acres in central Ohio. We currently run 7 CuddeLink cameras and a handful of conventional CuddeBacks because we love the videos. Imagine it is November 11th and a batch of photos is sent to your cellphone, which includes this one that was taken about an hour before from a camera that is located less than 100 yards from your treestand. Unbelievable!

Monte Loomis

Ilion , NY

My daughter and I have hunted this buck for two years. We have dozens of pictures of this deer. This is the first picture ever taken during daylight hours. This is 12 yards in front of my daughters tree stand. Unfortunately she wasn’t in it because the wind was coming from the wrong direction that day. There will be an east wind on Friday, I know where she will be sitting. Our cuddleback is helping us keep track of this beautiful buck.

Scott Rokffs

Lynnville , IA

I have pics of this buck the previous two years. I shot him on October 29 and later that night I pulled cards from three Cuddeback cameras and had numerous pictures of him.

Greg Schauer


I was hunting with my grandson in a ground blind when this Buck came in despite the whispered chatter from an excited young man. He was coming in to check out a doe, and I shot. The Cuddeback caught the shot perfectly as you can see the lit nock on his side. A very eciting time for both of us!


Syosset, NY

Two mature bucks fighting at the edge of a clover field in Coudersport, Pa.

Jim Cogar

Lewis Center, OH

When COVID-19 struck our family this month, (November '20) our 'rutcation' was over before it started. While we were unable to make it in the woods, our time-trusted line of cuddeback cameras were already in place and ready to perform. For nearly 20 years, our family has been exclusively using cuddeback cameras. Making Cuddeback the longest used brand of any hunting product in our arsenal. The countless pictures we have amassed over the years is something we have come to treasure as a family. Although this season isn't exactly what we had in mind, we take comfort in knowing that some things don't have to change.

Gene Anderson

Clinton, IN

First saw this fawn on 10-28-20 while in a tree stand...this is in midwest Indiana and I have never seen fully spotted fawns during the hunting season. Finally got it on camera...11-10-20 and 11-12-20...there are actually a set of twins...both fully fawn brown and fully spotted. This one is the smaller of the two. I have seen the mother with both of them but I usually see them alone the most. I cannot imagine how late in the year the doe had these...let alone when she actually got bred. Have to wonder if they will survive the winter being this young.

Shaun Corty

Grantsburg, WI

I have had so many good pictures of this deer, fun to get them on my Cudde back Digital