"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

Terry Thon

Williamsburg, VA

These deer live in a housing development. There is a salt lick that has fallen down into the stump--that's what they are after. We have so much development in our area now the deer and other wildlife are really getting pushed for space. A lot of discussion goes on about the "yard" deer. I enjoy seeing them--but they do eat down your garden!

Monte Loomis

Ilion , NY

I put up a new licking branch and was shocked to see that this nice buck was the first to use it. I mounted the camera about 9 feet up and aimed it down towards the licking branch so the local thieves wouldn’t see it. My daughter was hunting this buck last season. She is happy to see that he is back.

Gary Kraszewski

Green Bay, WI

Ruffed Grouse

Ryen Sawyer

Rochester Mills, PA

My Cuddelink blackflash caught this photo yesterday (9/22) of a curious black-capped chickadee. I thought it was neat how it captured the up and down stroke of the flapping wings. It may have mistaken my camera in the camera safe as a birdhouse.

Gilbert Vasquez

humble, TX

At the corn feeder, enjoying carrots....

Dino Mahaffey

Mechanicsville, MD

September 21 2020, this bachelor group is in a creek bottom. This is a staging area on the corner about 100 yards off a 15 acre bean field used by several groups, both does and bucks. Stand location is 30 yards back toward the beans. I named it the green room. It is full of green vegetation normally found in low wet creek bottoms. I added a little yellow gold via a tube feeder and they have been hammering it.

John Knox

Hayden, ID

Didn't have the Wireless Cam up for long, located 10 miles North East of Hayden, Idaho at about 4100 feet. 2 cows and a calf on a main trail heading west bound to their beds. One cow looking down towards a wallow about 50 yards down from her. The other cow likes her picture taken as she stares down the camera. Too bad Archery season doesn't happen in August, by September the Elk had moved off the mountain to a tougher area to hunt.

Clark Peysar

Aitkin, MN

I have no great story with this photo other than good luck. It's like the deer stopped and posed for me, undoubtedly the best deer photo I've ever got. That's what makes trail cameras so much fun, you never know what you'll get a picture of from week to week.

Dennis Matlock

Collinston, LA

I set my new Cuddelink system up in Kansas this year for the 2020 season and stated getting some nice pictures. This owl seems to be watching out over my feeder.


Fairview , TX

One of my personal favorites . PICTURE PEN . I fence out the hogs , with 36”tall hog panels , so the deer can easily jump in and of my picture pen !