"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

William R Culver Jr

Ridgway, PA

All images are from Cuddeback Cameras on our 125-acre Rising Sun Permaculture Project. Image 1 is of an 8-point whitetail buck along our west border of our woods on 8-12-20 about 6:30-PM. He's in velvet in the residential power line clearing on our property. Image 2 is of a curious black bear checking out our cuddeback camera along the north border of our woods on 9-11-20 at around 2-PM in the afternoon. Image 3 is of a mom and her cubs on 9-7-20 at about 7-PM on our private road leading back into our woods.

Tyler Fiedler

Macon, MO

I received picture on my cuddelink system. While scouting for deer i picked up this bobcat who had picked up a squirrel.

Dennis Yakesh

Eau Claire, WI

A doe getting close and personal! Peek-a-boo!

Lane Christenson

Wauneta, NE

Crossing the top of the ridge on a well worn trail.

Lane Christenson

Wauneta, NE

First look at this nice buck, can't wait for the season to arrive. Excuse my poor spelling, the camera is hours away.

Kenneth Smith

Sinclairville, NY

Mama telling her little one it's time to get to school , being late is not an option.

Bradley Lubinsky

Mondovi, WI

Just a couple kitties out for a stroll in beautiful Buffalo county, Wisconsin.

Bryan Ahrendt

Baltic, SD

Stickers as my son refers to him. We saw him standing in a bean field earlier in the year in velvet and my son thought that is the one he wanted to focus on. This is the first picture we have had of him. My son is now even more focus on hunting him after these pictures.

Joe Pietila

Bruce Crossing, MI

Went to check the sd card for pictures and to my surprise the deer is sticking his tongue out at the camera with my blind in the background Like he was saying you missed me Haha! We had a good laugh! Great cameras as always!

doyle hohmann

Llano, TX

This is three of 2 dozon that runs my land in Llano TX. they are fighting over deer feed have more photos but this is the only one to show hens spurs. i shoot a big golber every nov. for turkey day.. llano tx.