"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

Mike Hess

Waynesboro, PA

3 photos of a big gobbler breeding a hen

Ron White

Lancaster, NH

N.H. Ruffed Grouse on his drumming log in the daylight and under the darkness in the early morning hours.

Michael Hodges

Harpursville, NY

We put in little food plot and was wondering what was eating on it so we set out our coddeback, I know where to be for the Turkey opener.

Ron White

Lancaster, NH

Another N.H. Grouse making use of his drumming log

Timothy Scheib

Fenton, MI

I saw these out back and had the camera out trying to get pictures of the deer and caught the tom strutting for the hens

Ron White

Lancaster , NH

Finally seeing some activity at some drumming sites both feathered and furry still a lot of snow in some areas the logs are now showing use.

Riley Welch

Beecher, IL

Here are a few recent turkey pics including one that myself nor anyone that Ive talked to have gotten on camera before, especially this early in northern IL. In fact the snow had just melted only a few days before capturing their mating ritual on camera. Hopefully they stick around for opening day!



Each Spring I love to set up on Waterfowl. Each year I tend to get something new on camera. This year was no different. Was pleasantly surprise when a group of Ring-necked Ducks showed up on camera. Was also able to get some nice shots of Northern Shovelors as well.

Steve Maloney

Bentonville, AR

Cuddelink allows up to 15 cameras to send pictures from multiple locations through out the day and night. I have 2 sets tied to the home cellular sending hundreds a day. May favorite this spring. Three suitors attempting to win over a passing hen.

James Bejna

Pleasant Prairie, WI

Caught THIS on my brand new Cuddeback G series black flash! Have 8 of them networked and they work great!!