"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

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Jacob Roos

Effingham, IL

Always a busy bird feeder

Arnie Foster

Galt, CA

We were at the cabin and had cooked pizza in the bbq and had taken it out to cool on a glass table on the deck and went back in the house a short time later someone saw a flash. And Mr bear was eating our dinner

Michael Caputo

Toughkenamon, PA

This pic was my first and only Cuddeback camera. A model F. These photos were captured in September of 2017 in Pennsylvania.Unfortunately this camera was stolen during the opening week of gun season. I operate my cameras with 2 SD cards, swapping them out to check the pics and videos and luckily the SD card with these bruisers was not in the camera when it was stolen. I have some awesome video of this bruiser but the videos are 3.5 mb. Can I submit them via another method? This was my second season running cameras. I am now about to enter my 4th season running cams and I have used no less than 7 different brands of cameras and comparing the qualities of each Cuddeback comes out on top. I am saving up for some Cuddelink systems.

Danny Ross

Brenham, TX

This group of wild pigs has been coming to this deer feeder for weeks. They have grown so comfortable with being there that they occasionally take naps there. I thought it was unique how they all lined up and posed for the camera. Photo was taken in Lee County Texas. I only use Cuddeback Cameras because of their dependability and quality of the photos. I have tried all the rest and there is no comparison.

Geoffrey Gross

Frisco, TX

We've had a lot of rain in North Texas this year but iI was reaiiy surprised to see a Hippopotamus

Michele Reinwald

Hustisford, WI

Each year I look forward to getting fawn photos this time of year. This spot is usually a lock to get them walking by.



You just never know what you are going to get on some water set ups. This was a productive spot this Spring/Early Summer.

Ryan Deich

Lone Jack, MO

Bachelor bucks. Two brothers that grow non-typical racks. The racks grew nearly identical last year, but mirror images of each other. A 5 year old 8 pointer, pictured, as well.

Nathan Mccarville

Murphysboro, IL

Horns are finally growing out a little.

Nathan Mccarville

Murphysboro, IL

Bucks are finally getting some horn here in Illinois. Think this one may be a pretty good one