"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

Darryl Parde

Hastings, NE

Doe showing her fawn that the sky is the limit

jay Greene

Gays Mills, WI

While checking cameras I noticed several owl feathers on the edge of woods and food plot. Set up another cuddy and this is what we got, full flight owl. I wish I knew more about owl's to know what type of owl it is. Will have to do some more research. Thanks for excepting my photo. Jay

Ron Haag

Topeka, KS

Elk in NE Kansas


gallatin, MO

We were really surprised to see the triplets lined up and enjoying the mineral lick with their mother, We would see this three-legged deer from time to time on our farm far 3 to 4 years,

Brandon Franklin

Waverly, TN

Bambi and his daddy getting some mineral

John Fortine

Bear Lake , MI

My sister has butchered some goats and I wanted to get some eagle pictures on the gut pile. Lots of hawks, crows, coyotes and bobcat. Cool seeing the bobcat on the brush pile watching he coyote on the ground. Left the camera there for 9 months. Was amazing to see all the variety of animals and watching them change from winter to spring to summer hides.

Jack Richbourg

Raymond, NE

Have cameras on my acreage to watch for deer and turkey, but caught this interesting pic of a raccoon as if he is posing for the pic.



An early September snow here in Wyoming and my Cuddeback camera placed on a good trail to the feeding area captured this bull on his way down to eat.

Joe Mac

Detroit Lakes, MN

There really is not a story other than the Cuddeback catches a beautiful sunset with a buck

James Moorman

Brick , NJ

I screwd a big jug of peanut butter to the tree because the deer love it. Now every night it’s a fight between the raccoons and the deer.