"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

Dan Eagleton

Decatur, NE

Found a deer carcus along the river and set up my cuddeback knowing this area was a hot spot for eagles. in the next 2 weeks i had 632 pictures mostly eagles during the daytime and coyotes after dark............... Thank You Cuddeback for such an awesome camera.

Kyle Leichtenberger

Sheffield, PA

My wife absolutely loves river otters so We decided to try to use my trail camera to get a few pictures one. So after the bucks lost there antlers in my area I put my camera on a known otter slide/ bathroom that they frequent. It took 2 weeks to get theses pictures and hoping to get a videos the next time around. Our kids enjoyed getting pulled in the sled to check the camera.

Larry Burdick

Hickory Corners, MI

Hawks Fighting over a Road Kill Deer

Alston Lowman

Connelly Springs, NC

Amazing to see interaction between whitetails and other animals such as raccoons and turkey. This small buck seems to be saying alright guys you might have us out numbered but "Lets Dance", This large mother doe seems to have adopted a ringtail fawn looking to nurse. I think this is the same 6 pt eating with longbeards.

Alston Lowman

Connelly Springs, NC

This young slick 10 pt is still holding on to his headgear going into March. Will keep tabs on him to see just how long he carries them, hope to maybe find his sheds. Never had one pic of him during season!!!

david grubb

Lancaster, OH

Worked hard made a scrape and now time for a nap!

Nancy Warren

Ewen, MI

We are fortunate to have wolves frequent our property and are thrilled to capture a glimpse of them on our trail camera.

Ryan Blumenberg

Hardin, IL

In this photo I have two coyotes chasing two raccoons along a pond levee. This photo to me is neat because I have never seen anything like it before.

Jeremy Rish

Van Buren, AR

I caught this coyote roaming around in the woods on my camera in Fort Smith, AR. I was a little surprised to see him since my camera is so close to the city limits and there are lots of commercial buildings all around.

Lloyd Sichling

Monmouth, IL

I hung the camera before deer season, in the same general area. Each time, the next time I checked, the camera had been disturbed. Imagine my surprise when I found out why! I do not know if it is the same deer disturbing or not, but these girls like Cuddy's!