"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

Tom Hurst

New Palestine, IN

Early summer shot on a licking branch, corn coming in and amazing sunset!

Donna Crowell

Tilton, NH

This was taking in my back yard. Donna......

Patty Anderson

Oshkosh, WI

Here we have two little cubs sparring from May 2020 while their mom is close by in Northern Wisconsin.

Steve Osborn

Osseo, WI

I look forward to seeing how he develops. The cuddeback is taking wonderful pictures in the creek.

Brandon Franklin

Waverly, TN

This little buck was getting some minerals from the salt lick to get him some antler growth, and Ol' Tom is putting on a show for his ladies off camera.

Ralph Mullican

smartsville, CA

I use cuddeback for security on my river property because no cell service in canyon. But on top mountain there is enough signal. We were surprised how many lions and bear were on our land and we didn't know except for occasional bear sighting when salmon are in. Most cameras are on roads or trails. I have five cameras two with bright flash and three black flash.

Peter Moore

Savannah, GA

Newest member to the herd.

Gale Wald

alma,, WI

this hawk just got what he ordered for lunch !!!!

Robert Hering

Potsdam, Germany, Ot

Out in the bush we saw something whooshing away from a fresh kill. Always having some Cuddeback cameras in the vehicle, we set some around this black-faced impala. The cheetah obviously got itself a nice dinner there. Cheetahs are quite rare in our study area. So this was an exciting observation. This a free-ranging individual, not living in captivity and clearly a good hunter even in some thick bush areas.

Kyle Daniel

Hemingway, SC

This photo was taken on April Fool's day April 1, 2020 but this was no April Fools. This is the best photo i have ever taken with my ten cuddeback cameras on my farm in the Sportsman Paradise of Williamsburg County, South Carolina. It had just stormed earlier so the background smoke blue clouds really added to the photo. i called them "The Three Gees"