"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

Isaiah Cortes

Horton, KS

After weeks and weeks of does running around the property a young stud comes to get up close and personal for his picture to be taken!

Kevin Parton

Reed Point, MT

Night photo of small muley buck, checking out our camera. I'm amazed at the cool pictures you get with trail cameras!


Conyers, GA

Mr Bear following a Doe and 2 babies. See him once a week.

Justin Mortenson

Fergus Falls, MN

Well the first two photos are of the same buck that I have seen a few times throughout the summer with its velvet still on and got these really great close up shots to see what he looks like now. This is one of my target bucks that I would hope to maybe get a shot at this fall. The third picture is of two smaller buck, that I have seen here and there as well, but the first signs of fighting I have seen this fall.

Michael Longo


Moose came by my camera.

Gary Landry

Duson, LA

This mineral stump has been in place for about 10 years and certain times of the year the deer show up. This is the first time I take a picture of the buck, with the doe trying to protect her turf.

Jason Spoerry

Beloit, WI

Place your bets

Eugene Talley

Wilmington, IL

Drop Tine has been showing up on multiple cameras since midsummer on my buddies Western Illinois farm.

Lisa Rarick

Mound City, KS

Caught this big boy on Thursday mornings pictures(super excited)--I had to work so my husband went out the following morning to see if he would repeat his presence at our stand. Trust me if I didn't have to work it would have been a coin toss to see who got that stand...At approx 8:30am the same deer appeared.He also brought a buddy this time who was just as big or maybe even bigger. They both sat 20 yards away on the other side of our fence for several minutes. Waiting for them to jump and waiting and waiting....Both deer never jumped the fence and eventually just turned around and sprung out of his life (for now!)

Russell Hill

La Plata, NM

This mountain lion killed all 3 of our goats this weekend. We left the goats where they were and set up a Cuddelink camera and a separate IR floodlight. It came back the next night for more.