CuddeLink Images From 16 Cameras Retrieved From 1 Camera
CuddeLink Overview
  • CuddeLink is not cell service or Wi-Fi. CuddeLink is a proprietary wireless mesh network that allows the cameras to communicate with each other.
  • CuddeLink transmits images from remote cameras to a home image collection camera.
  • CuddeLink networks can have from 1 to 23 remote cameras. Start with a few and add more cameras as you need them.
  • Typical transmission range in a dense forest is ¼ to ½ mile. In open spaces CuddeLink has camera-to-camera range to over 1 mile. Like all wireless systems transmission range will vary with terrain and conditions.
  • CuddeLink automatically daisy-chains cameras to extend range to over 4 miles, making CuddeLink deployable on properties of hundreds to thousands of acres.
  • There is no monthly fee to collect images on the Home camera.
CuddeLink Cell
  • CuddeLink Cell makes cellular trail cameras affordable. Instead of a separate cell plan for each camera, CuddeLink Cell can send images from up to 16 cameras on 1 cell plan.
  • Here's how it works. A CuddeLink network of cameras send their images to 1 home collection device that is equipped with a cellular modem. This cell device sends the images from all the remote cameras, so instead of 16 cell plans, you only have 1.
CuddeLink Advantages
  • More Convenient – check your cameras more conveniently by placing the Home camera in the most convenient location, such as a parking spot or even in a building.
  • More Often – because you only check 1 camera and this camera can be conveniently placed, you can check your cameras more often, even numerous times per day: before you hunt, mid-day, nights, anytime.
  • No Intrusion – allows you to check trail cameras without intruding on the animals.
  • No Sound – if you don’t intrude, you don’t startle the animals with sound.
  • No Human Scent – if you don’t intrude, you don’t leave any human scent. When human activity is eliminated animals move more often, earlier and more naturally.
  • Affordable Cell Service – With other brands you have to pay $15 or more per month per camera. With CuddeLink Cell, plans start at $15 per month for up to 16 cameras. And our $15 plan includes 2,000 images per month.
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