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CuddeLink Cell
Up to 24 cameras, 1 cell plan, $10 per month!

CuddeLink G-Series Cell Home Camera

Cell Home Camera adds LTE connectivity to a CuddeLink camera network. CuddeLink is a private wireless network where cameras deliver images to a central Home unit, allowing you to remotely receive images from cameras in places without LTE coverage. Camera-to-cameras range is typically ¼ mile in a forest and much further as terrain opens. To further increase range CuddeLink cameras daisy-chain from camera to camera to transmit images 2 miles or more.

Add Cell Home Camera to a CuddeLink network and images from up to 24 CuddeLink cameras will be delivered using a single low-cost data plan (23 remote cameras plus the Cell Home Camera). A hidden benefit is CuddeLink allows placing cameras in areas without LTE coverage, and the CuddeLink network will send those images to Cell Home placed in an area with LTE coverage. As long as you have 1 location with LTE coverage you can deploy CuddeLink cameras and get the benefit of LTE delivery from all your cameras. Cuddeback's CAMP website or smartphone APP allows you to setup and control CuddeLink cameras from anywhere.

* This device has to be the Home on your CuddeLink network so you only need one of these devices. This camera cannot be used as a Remote camera on your network.

Models Available
Verizon - CuddeLink G-Series Cell Home Camera
AT&T - CuddeLink G-Series Cell Home Camera

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CuddeLink Features
  • Patented CuddeLink network technology.
  • Cell Home supports up to 23 CuddeLink cameras.
  • Compatible with all CuddeLink cameras.
Camera Features
  • Uses SD card up to 32GB (not included).
  • Uses 4D batteries (not included).
  • Extend battery life with Cuddeback solar and battery power options.
  • Versatile mounting and locking options available.
  • 5.2.1 Warranty with 1 year standard warranty, 2 year extended warranty with online registration, 5 year discount replacement.
Cell Features
  • Dual paddle antennas for exceptional LTE reception.
  • Choose either Verizon or AT&T version of camera.
  • Receive images 4 ways (email/text/APP/web).
  • Up to 10 users can receive images via email/text.
  • Adjust Cell Home and CuddeLink camera settings remotely via APP or web interface.
  • Cell Home Camera will set date & time of connected CuddeLink cameras.
  • Data plans as low as $10 per month.