Photo Plans

What happens to your images once you view them? How long will the company save them? What happens if you suspend your data plan - will the images be saved or deleted? Can you manage and track the photos? How easy is it to find images taken months or years ago? These are important considerations when choosing a cell camera to assure you can keep your photos for an extended period of time and find the photos you taken.

Cuddeback’s photo plan answers these questions:
  • Your photos are saved for as long as you have a data plan, or a photo plan.
  • You can keep photo plan active without having a cell data plan.
  • Photos are saved for at least 6 months after your cell data or photo plan expires, allowing you to retain photos from one year to the next, but you will not have access to them during this period.
  • The quantity of images saved is determined by the plan purchased.
  • You can classify images by animal type (buck, doe, elk, etc.).
  • You can mark images as a favorite photo, which will never be auto-deleted unless your number of favorites exceeds your data plan.
  • You can search and sort images by various criteria:
    • By a specific camera (give each of your Tracks or CuddeLink cameras a unique name that allows you to search for that camera).
    • You can search by date images were taken.
    • By a animal type as set by the classification, such as Whitetail Buck.
    • You can search by images marked favorite.
    • You can combine searches, such as Whitetail Buck taken by camera “West Field” between October 1 and November 15.BY Cuddeback
2,500 Images
10,000 Images
20,000 Images
30,000 Images
40,000 Images
50,000 Images
Images will be saved even if the camera is suspended or deactivated, allowing you to retain images during the off season.