"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

Thomas Bennett

Wheelersburg, OH

Scouting a new place to hunt. Had not hunted in this location before and put out the cuddeback and a little bit of corn to find out what was in the area, and got lots of great photos. Most of the pics where later in the night and early morning, but did get a few really nice ones in the early day time hours. I was able to get a real nice 8 point and with these photos, it shows I have a few more in the future to hunt as well.

Ben Smith

Blanchard, OK

I was very pleased to get this picture of a female adult bobcat carrying her kitten by the neck. I can only imagine what sort of mischief the youngster has gotten into to be carted back to the den by their mother! I have never gotten a picture like this and I have ran Cuddebacks for 15+ years where I hunt. This was taken on a trail often frequented by bobcats and coyotes between a soybean field and a hay field where the creek bottom connects the two. Picture was taken in rural Kay County, Oklahoma, December 8th, 2017. The year is off due to this being an older Capture Color model.

Roberta Coelho

Campo Grande, Ot

This camera is in a Jaguar area in the biome Pantanal, in Brazil. State Mato Grosso do Sul. It is for research the Jaguars in the farm San Francisco, location Miranda . The second photo is a Ocelot, a feline of the Jaguar family,

Dick Faulkner

Saranac Lake, NY

Bobcat with two kittens. Northern Adirondacks in N.Y. On the Flower Hill Club. Never saw them again.

gary kraszewski

green bay, WI




A friend of mine said this was a rare shot; capturing a doe as it was shot. This camera is set to take photographs every minute. There were six that walked in, and I took the one that was the clearest shot with no yearlings in the background, and it was getting dark. Pulled the trigger on the crossbow, and now have plenty of deer burger! The date stamp shows 2006, but it is actually 2018. This camera is fairly old, but still takes quality pictures. Love my Cuddeback.

Rick Wrona

Tulsa, OK

After hundreds of deer, raccoon, squirrel and wild hog photos, it was cool to see the vivid brilliance of this larger than life male cardinal. Another great example of the trigger speed the Cuddebacks are capable of. Great product. Rick Wrona Tulsa, OK

Gerald Russell

Mount Vernon, OR

There is a salt lick here for cattle but when the cattle are not present the wildlife such as deer ,elk ,and antelope come to partake of the minerals. It is a very picturesque setting when the sun is right.

Jeremy McCurdy

Fredonia, PA

This picture was taken in the field behind my house. I put out a few deer carcasses from the deer I have gotten this year. These 2 eagles have been hanging around for the last month and I have gotten a lot of pictures of them.

Richard Yoder

Getzville, NY

I have been tracking twin bucks for the last 2 seasons. Caught this one eating leaves from a tree in archery season (016) but missed the shot. This season was dismal and sporadic due to travel and personal illness. Hope they made it through the season. Only time will tell.