"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

Emily Taylor

Sebastopol, CA

We had put out a pile of guts from a couple of sheep that we had butchered and we decided to put a camera out to see what ate off the pile. We ended up getting this cool shot of two buzzards fighting over the scraps.

Doug Wonders

Motley, MN

This young fox had better be careful as there is a large woodchuck using a den sight.

Mary-Kathyrn Gray

Gloucester, MA

Best gift EVER! A friend gave us the Cuddeback as a house warming gift last fall. Having so much fun seeing all the wildlife that treks through our yard. We abut 50 acres of conservation land in the seaside community of Gloucester, MA. My husband actually caught a glimpse of this guy yesterday! He must have had a nice snack before the shot!

Shawn Gaudette

Aitkin, MN

The hawk in the picture was the first in to try to fly away with the fish guts, it appears that the bald eagle came in and stole the hawks meal.

Dallas Volk

Moose Lake, MN

Checking my trail cameras I got pictures of Fisher. Then up popped a picture of 2 Fisher. Never had them on camera before. Haven't been back since....


Moose Lake, MN

Checking my camera and this doe looks to be giving birth. Have had Cuddeback cameras on the same tree for over 9 years. Just when you think you've seen it all! Also have a picture of a deer that is missing it's tail. We have wolves in the area.

Michael Schirer

Farmington, NM

While I live in NM, I keep some cameras going where I hunt whitetails in Kansas. Long battery life means I can change them out twice a year; once in November at the start of the hunt, and once in May, about halfway to the next hunt. In May 2018 I made my spring trip to Kansas to service cameras. What a joy it was to see the camera had captured this beautiful Bobcat in January.

Wesley Huffman

Taylorsville, NC

Just a split second

Jordan Farmer

McKinney, TX

antlers really took off this last week! exciting to see all the character points start popping up! cant wait to see how much bigger they get next week!

David Ray

Bloomington, IN

Took a cuddeback on week trip into BWCA. I enjoy trying to get new animal pics while on vacation. Got some neat pics of an otter and an eagle. Attached are some of the best. My favorite was the one with the head of a small mouth in the eagle’s beak.