CuddeLink Strobe Image
CuddeLink Cell
Up to 24 cameras, 1 cell plan, $10 per month!

CuddeLink L-Series Cameras

CuddeLink L-Series is Cuddeback's new flagship trail camera. Completely redesigned with cutting edge technology – advanced HD image sensor, 3rd generation animal detector, full back lite user interface, ergonomic small housing, and Cuddeback's patented CuddeLink.
  • Can be CuddeLink camera or SD Home.
  • Compatible with all CuddeLink Cell products & cameras.
  • Patented Prime Time timelapse mode.
  • Patented Auto Camera Delay.
  • Designed in the USA by Cuddeback.
Models Available
CuddeLink Strobe COMING SOON - CuddeLink Strobe uses xenon strobe tube for color images day and night.
CuddeLink IR CuddeLink IR uses 850nm IR LEDs for longest night illumination with excellent image clarity and illumination range exceeding 100 feet.
CuddeLink Black Flash COMING SOON - CuddeLink Black Flash uses 940nm IR LEDs for completely invisible 75 foot illumination range.


CuddeLink Features
  • Patented CuddeLink network technology.
  • Can be used as Remote or Home.
  • Deploy anywhere as it does not need LTE cellular reception.
  • Can have up to 24 cameras on CuddeLink network.
  • Compatible with CuddeLink Cell Home products to allow up to 24 cameras to utilize a single cell connection and fee.
  • Compatible with all CuddeLink cameras (G, J, K Series).
Camera Features
  • COMING SOON - CuddeLink Strobe uses xenon strobe tube for color images day and night.
  • ¼ second trigger speed.
  • Patented Auto Camera Delay.
  • Dual timelapse modes (Prime Time & standard).
  • High-def sensor optimizes image clarity for LTE delivery and phone viewing.
  • 3rd generation animal detector with 7 sensitivity settings.
  • Built in user interface for programming at the camera.
  • Camera Delays from 5 seconds to 1 hour.
  • Remote camera's date and time automatically set from CuddeLink Home.
  • Uses SD card up to 256GB (not included).
  • Uses 4D batteries (not included).
  • Extend battery life with Cuddeback solar and battery power options.
  • Versatile mounting and locking options available.
  • 5.2.1 Warranty with 1 year standard warranty, 2 year extended warranty with online registration, 5 year discount replacement.
Cell Features
  • When used in conjunction with a CuddeLink Cell Home a wealth of additional features is enabled, including receiving images from up to 24 CuddeLink cameras on 1 cell plan. See CuddeLink Cell Home or CuddeLink Cell Home Camera for more information.