Cuddeback Data Plans

Cuddeback offer 2 type of cell cameras: Tracks & CuddeLink Cell

Tracks is a standalone cellular trail camera, similar to the cameras from other brands. Each camera has the capability to use LTE cellular towers to deliver images to you. As such, each Tracks camera requires a low cost cell data plan. Cuddeback allows you to combine purchased data amongst multiple Tracks cameras to provide lower cost to those using more than 1 Tracks camera.

CuddeLink Cell uses Cuddeback’s advanced mesh networking technology to allow up to 24 cameras to share a single cell data plan. As such, only 1 camera needs to be equipped with LTE cellular capabilities. The other cameras are CuddeLink Remote cameras that wirelessly send their images to the LTE Home camera, which in turn delivers them to you. This system features the lowest cost cellular coverage available if you use 3 or more cameras.