Registration Step 5 of 6 - Trophy Room

Trophy Room is Cuddeback's PC-based image management software. Here are just a few of Trophy Room's many features:

  • Automatically organize your images by property, year and camera location.
  • Calculate buck/doe/fawn ratios based on your images.
  • Predict deer movement using a moon/sun predictor.
  • Enjoy many of the support tools available on this website.
  • Receive a notification when an update is available for your camera.
  • Plus much more to maximize your scouting camera experience.

Even more amazing, Trophy Room can predict animal movement based upon your images. This patented software (U.S. Patent No. 8,600,118) analyzes the date, time and moon phase of all your images to predict when deer will move. Now your Cuddeback cameras can not only show when deer were active on your property, but they can also predict when they may be moving again.

This amazing software would normally cost over $100, but it is FREE to Cuddeback users. You can download Trophy Room from the support homepage at any time.


Trophy Room now works with most brands of scouting cameras.

Note: If you have downloaded Trophy Room prior to March 2012, you should download and install the latest version. After you have Trophy Room version 2 or later installed, updates will automatically be installed as they become available.

Sorry, at this time Trophy Room is not available for MAC OS.