CuddeLink CELL-CAP Model 1208

Check one, check them all!

CuddeLink CELL-CAP

Adds cell service capability to Dual Flash & Home Plus

A totally new concept in trail cameras.

With CuddeLink images from up to 15 remote cameras are transmitted to 1 home camera.

CuddeCell will send all those images to the user via cell phone service.

Thus images from up to 16 cameras (15 remote camera plus 1 home camera) can be sent via 1 cell phone service plan.

The CELL-CAP adds CuddeLink & CuddeCell capability to the Cuddeback Dual Flash model 1361 and Home Plus model 1385.

image 1
  • Adds CuddeLink Cell Service to Dual Flash & Home Plus
  • Allows 1 cell service to send images from up to 16 cameras
  • CELL-CAP includes CuddeLink & cellular radios
  • Available early 2018
  • Estimated price of $300

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