CuddePower® Model 3358

Extend Cuddeback battery life


CuddePower® Battery Booster powers compatible Cuddeback cameras from six D batteries.

A quality D battery has eight times the capacity (milliamp hours) of a comparable AA battery. This allows the six D batteries in the CuddePower® to have up to four times the power of the eight AA batteries in the camera. More power enables the camera to run longer and take higher quality night images. This is critical in subfreezing temperatures.

CuddePower® can operate a camera with or without batteries installed in the camera. The camera will draw power from the CuddePower® first, saving the eight AA batteries for reserve when the D batteries fail.

CuddePower® attaches to the tree with an included metal Genius Mount. Compatible Cuddeback cameras slide on and off the built-in Genius Mount of the CuddePower®.

Includes CuddePower® battery box, 36" cable, 10" cable, and metal Genius Mount.

Compatible with Cuddeback camera models:
E2, E3, C1, C2, C3, 1224, 1231, 1248, 1255, 1279.

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