CuddeCell Equiped Home Plus

15 cameras, 1 cell service plan

CuddeCell Equipped Home Plus

Get images from 15 cameras via 1 cell plan.

15 Cameras, 1 Cell Service Plan

With CuddeLink images from up to 15 remote cameras are transmitted to 1 CuddeLink Home.

CuddeCell will send all those images to the user via cell phone service.

And only 1 cell plan (line) is needed.   So instead of paying for many cell plans, you only pay for 1.

NOTE - this cap replaces the CuddeLink Cap on the Dual Flash & Home Plus.


image 1
  • CuddeLink Home Plus model 1385
  • CuddeCell CC-CAP model 2108
  • Combine these to make the CuddeCell Home Plus

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