"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

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Tracy Weeks

Marshall, NC

He was once a 6 point but early in the rut he must have had one side broken off so he's just a little ol' 3 point now. He looks like he's thinking "what the world is that squirrel doing in my corn! ".

Brad Thorsted

Summer lake, OR

New wolf in the erea, south central OR, have got it on several cams. Looks like it has mated up with a large male in the erea.

Tom Hervey

Appleton, WI

Within a week of puking up the cameras we got a picture of two decent bucks. They look like brothers or friends.

Paul Brown

Pocono Lake , PA

Nice 10 point that survived Pa hunting season

Jon Krupa

Stoughton, WI

These two bucks have been caught several times sparring. Rare to see them both in the camera frame. Can't wait to see what they become next season.

Kevin Light

Riner, VA

Juvenile Bald Eagle

Kevin Light

Riner, VA

I have some special sets that I use to try and catch pictures and videos of Hawks and Eagles. Got some great shots here lately. The 20 MP cameras get some awesome pictures. I hope yall like these. I,m having trouble downloading videos. Is there a email address I could send them to. I have a facebook page called New River Valley Wildlife. Check out 1/19/20 eagle video. If you like it I will send the original version.



I have been using Cuddeback cameras for many years and have captured many a deer and turkey on my cameras. I also enjoy other wildlife I capture on my Cuddeback cameras and found this picture of an owl to be magnificent and stunning. Capturing an owl in mid flight at such a close range is an extremely rare event and may never happen again on my Tree Farm in Delaware. I hope viewers enjoy and appreciate the owl picture.

Steven Osborn

osseo, WI

Another curious deer.

John Overcast

Kalispell, MT

I set my Long Range IR up on this remote logging road with the intention of capturing whitetail deer that might come to the little stream that crosses the road. It's the only water source in the area and attracts all sorts of wildlife. I was pleasantly surprised by the herd of elk that also started to use the water hole. These two bulls vigorously fought right in front of my camera and nearly knocked over the stump that the camera was attached to!