"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

Grant Huegen

Greenville, IL

I have an abundance of owls located on and around my property. It makes every morning and evening hunt a delight to sit. Seeing an owl flying through the woods or across the field is one thing, but witnessing an owl on a successful hunt for a meal is rarity. Having a Cuddeback camera made witnessing this rare occurrence possible. None of my other cameras would ever be able to capture this. Thank you Cuddeback!

Duane Buttray

Coraopolis, PA

This is a Pennsylvania buck we call Hemi. We created this mock scrape and within days bucks took it over. We have a lot of history with this deer and are hoping one of us is lucky enough to put our tag on him.

Kevin Musser

Brookville , PA

It’s one thing to get pictures of bears on you camera but these two cubs take it to another level!!!

Christopher Piazza

Seaford , NY

Bainbridge New York

Dustin Miller

Cochran, GA

A main frame 8 point posing for one of my Cuddebacks. Amazing clarity sent from one of my J series remote cameras. Can't wait to pull the card and see him in full resolution!

Garrett Wood

Burlington jct , MO

I saw this buck mowing hay but was running so i set up a camera where the alfalfa and corn meet and caught him just where I thought he would be. Nice to see what he is without him running from the mower.

Matt Yoder

Lovington, IL

All of these pictures were taken on public land and within 100 yds of each other, of course different times of the year. The 2 with the single 10 pt buck were taken on a K- cell camera, the other one was taken on a J- cuddelink camera. These are the only pictures of these particular deer that i have gotten so far through out the year.

Philip Richardson Jr

Muscle Shoals, AL

Fall strutting with a white hen! Spectacular anomaly of a B/W day time pic of Tom's strutting.

Tim LaMourea

Wyoming, MN

Had a couple of bucks scrapping nicely in front of my camera...

Brian Purdy

Ballston Lake, NY

The poor squirrel wasn't quick enough for this young bobcat!