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Trophy Room Image Management Software

View and organize your Cuddeback images with Trophy Room Image Management Software

Trophy Room copies images from your media card to your computer with a single click. All you need is a simple card reader (Cuddeback's viewer, CuddeView X2, serves as a card reader). Once loaded, you can view images individually or as a slide show.

Even more amazing, Trophy Room can predict animal movement based upon your images. This patented software (U.S. Patent No. 8,600,118 & 9,070,188) analyzes the date, time and moon phase of all your images to predict when deer will move. Now your Cuddeback cameras can not only show when deer were active on your property, but they can also predict when they may be moving again.

“The Cuddeback Trophy Room software is really helping in finding out the times of day and moon phase that the deer are most active in. Thanks Cuddeback!!!" David Quick, IN

Keep your Cuddeback images organized

  • Copy images to your PC with 1 click
  • Easily organize images into properties and locations on the property
  • Images are automatically sorted into year folders
  • Trophy Room now works with all scouting cameras

View your images

Trophy Room makes image viewing easy:

  • Easily scroll through your images
  • Zoom is as simple as drawing a box with your mouse
  • Brighten an image to see animals hidden in the dark areas
  • Use slide show to view images quickly
  • Use fast view to watch a days' worth of Guard Duty images in minutes

Beyond moon phase

Does the moon alter animal movement? Should we hunt the moon phases?

Hunters have asked these questions for generations. Newspapers and magazines publish peak movement predictions. Does it work? Is there something to this? Or is it just a pile of nonsense? Cuddeback wanted to answer these questions and let you determine for yourself. A simple and automated 3-step process is used to finally answer the moon theories.

  1. Trophy Room displays the moon and sun data for all your images
  2. CuddeCharts tallies reports based upon your images
  3. Crystal Ball then uses these reports to predict future movement

Why use Trophy Room?

Keeping track of thousands of images can be difficult and frustrating. Trophy Room makes image management easy for even the most inexperienced PC user. An advanced user will appreciate the sophisticated image management tools and features.

  • Save and organize images
  • View, zoom, brighten images
  • Classify images by species
  • Determine buck/doe/fawn ratios
  • Analyze how moon and sun affect animal movement
  • Predict deer movement based upon your images

Trophy Room