Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

Warranty Tracker for Ambush, Attack and Seen

Attack, Ambush and Seen cameras include our new patent-pending Warranty Trackerâ„¢.

Warranty Tracker eliminates the hassle of saving receipts. We have learned that many customers do not retain their receipt and therefore have no means to validate their camera's warranty. We wanted to make it easy for customers to maintain their warranty without having to keep a receipt.

We looked at the automotive industry for the solution, where a common warranty is based upon months and miles, whichever comes first. We implemented a similar system for these cameras.

When the user first uses the camera the date and time are retained within the camera for warranty tracking. The warranty is 12 months from that date. However, in the event the user fails to set the date correctly or uses the camera more than average, the warranty is 180 operation days - not how many days the camera is owned, but how many days the camera is operating and taking pictures in the field.

In addition, online registration will provide a free extended warranty to 18 months, if the user registers online and the Activation Date is within 2 weeks of the online registration date.

Activation Date and Run Days are embedded in Attack, Ambush and Seen image files and can be viewed with Windows software (a future version of our Trophy Room software will also do this). A firmware upgrade will allow users to retrieve this information from their camera using the keys and LCD (via a MENU item).

The Warranty Period shall commence on the date of the Product's purchase and shall expire on whichever comes first:
(a) the 1st annual anniversary of the Product's Activation Date
(b) the 181st Run Day of the Product

There are several advantages of this system:

1) Owners do not have to keep track of a paper receipt to validate product warranty; the camera keeps track of warranty for the customer.

2) Warranty does not start until the camera is first used. For example, if the camera is a Christmas gift and the first time batteries are installed is June the warranty begins in June. If a person buys a camera at a spring sales event but does not use the camera until October the warranty begins in October.

3) Because a sales receipt is not used to validate warranty, the warranty is transferrable if the camera is sold.

Warranty for Other Products: Capture and Older Cameras, CuddeView, and Accessories

These products feature a 12-month warranty from date of purchase. A valid sales receipt is required to validate warranty.